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  1. summer of hedonism
    Unsolicited Advice: Drink Medalla Light All Summer LongThe iconic Puerto Rican beer, now available in New York, was engineered for easy drinking during hot summer days.
  2. beer me
    The Insane Fight Against ‘Plant-Based’ Foods and DrinksTaking on Big Cabbage.
  3. beer me
    Talea Is the Woman-Owned Brewery That Beer Haters Can LoveA new name in beer aims to convert the skeptics.
  4. beer me
    Hershey’s and Yuengling Team Up for Most Pennsylvania Beer EverIt’s the brewery’s first collaboration.
  5. beer me
    ‘Tallboy’ Finally Added to DictionaryMaybe American culture isn’t in total decline after all.
  6. why
    Coconut-Flavored Corona Is Here to Ruin Your SummerFinally answering the question: What happens if you mix beer with the worst flavor of LaCroix?
  7. beer me
    The Internet Has Fallen in Love With This Lucky Charms BeerWhat’s next? Cinnamon Toast Crunch rum?
  8. beer me
    PBR Will Live On for ‘Many, Many Years’Pabst is back, baby.
  9. beer me
    Can Anyone Save PBR?The beer that conquered Brooklyn is on the brink of extinction.
  10. beer me
    New Bud Light Orange Perfect for Days When You Want Beer That Tastes Like TangOnly available for the summer!
  11. beer me
    Dogfish Head Will Finally Release Beer in CansThe craft brewer will unveil canned 60 Minute IPA later this month.
  12. Beer Me
    Brooklyn Brewery’s Oyster SasionIt’s brewed with whole bivalves and debuting at this year’s Billion Oyster Party, on May 19.
  13. Beer Me
    Super-Chill Lawmakers Decriminalize Public Drinking in ManhattanJust in time for spring!
  14. Innovation
    Someone Finally Combined IPA and Cold Brew to Make the Ultimate Breakfast DrinkRogue’s latest collaboration is with Stumptown.
  15. Beer Me
    Well-Intentioned Waitress Cards Marco Rubio Because He Looks Too Young to DrinkShe had no idea who he was.
  16. Beer Me
    World’s Best Town to Install Public Beer FountainLocal officials opted for this over fixing their water supply.
  17. Beer Me
    Manning Plugs Budweiser After Super Bowl Win… Even though the quarterback made an oddly specific point of mentioning the brand right after the game.
  18. Beer Me
    A Major Craft Brewery Was Just Bought for $1 BillionThe company that brews Corona and Pacifico just picked up the revered Ballast Point Brewing Company.
  19. Beer Me
    SABMiller Is Just Not That Into A-B InBev’s $104 Billion Merger OfferIt was the third attempt by Anheuser-Busch InBev to buy its rival.
  20. Beer Me
    World’s Largest Brewer Wants to Merge With World’s Other LargestAnheuser-Busch InBev wants to merge with SABMiller to create the world’s largest brewing company with what will likely also be the world’s most complicated name.
  21. Beer Me
    Barclays Center Will Host Its First-Ever Beer FestivalTickets for the October event go on sale today.
  22. Beer Me
    Sales of Joe Paterno ‘Legacy’ Beer Are Through the Roof“I’ve never seen anything like this … It just doesn’t happen this easy.”
  23. Marketing Gimmicks
    PBR Won’t Give Up Its Hipster-Beer Crown Without a FightIn an effort to stay relevant, the brand will open a microbrewery in Milwaukee.
  24. Beer Me
    World Rejoices As Cartoon Beer Gets Real-Life ReleaseYou will soon be able to get drunk off actual Duff beer from ‘The Simpsons.’
  25. Beer Me
    Is New York in Danger of Losing Its Most Interesting Beer Boutiques?Why the retail side of selling unique, small-batch beer remains surprisingly difficult, even at a time when interest in craft beer is at an all-time high.
  26. Beer Me
    Corona Is So Popular That Its Brewer Is Actually Afraid of Running OutAnd here you thought it was just a so-so beer you drank at the pool.
  27. Beer Me
    America’s Breweries Dangerously Close to Running Out of Funny Names forOne brewery went through 400 different name options for a new beer before finding something that wasn’t already taken.
  28. Beer Me
    Bud Light Announces ‘MixxTails’ to the Delight of Frat BrosUnfortunately, it’s not available in shot form — yet.
  29. Beer Me
    Anheuser-Busch Actually Owns a Brewery That Makes ‘Pumpkin PeachBudweiser’s controversial Super Bowl ad was incredibly lame.
  30. Beer Me
    Here’s a New Craft Beer That Smells Just Like Pot“It should hit you right in the face, as soon as you smell the beer.”
  31. Beer Me
    Enterprising Water Treatment Company Invents Way to Make Beer From SewageThe state of Oregon isn’t so sure you should drink it, though.
  32. Beer Me
    Brewery Apologizes for Putting Gandhi on Its Beer LabelsNew England Brewing Company’s says its “fully vegetarian” IPA is an homage.
  33. Beer Me
    Bodega Owners Say a Distributor Merger Will Be Awful for the City’s GoodIt would reportedly give one company 80 percent of sales.
  34. Beer Me
    Someone’s Finally Brewing Sriracha BeerIt arrives next month.
  35. Beer Me
    Budweiser Nixed Its Awesome Clydesdales in Favor of Whiny Millennials This YearThey wear flannels, trucker hats, non-prescription glasses, ironic t-shirts, and coincidentally have never really tried the beer brand.
  36. Beer Me
    Get Ready for Scrapple-Flavored BeerDogfish Head is offering reckless drinkers a draft-only stout made with pork mush.
  37. Beer Me
    This Hops Machine Makes Crappy Beer Taste AwesomeCraft brewers should maybe be afraid.
  38. Beer Me
    An NFL Stadium Got Caught Watering Down Its BeerBud Light is now that much closer to water for Seahawks fans.
  39. Beer Me
    Anheuser-Busch Will Launch a Tequila-Flavored BeerOculto doesn’t contain any actual tequila, which is the real spooky thing.
  40. Jed-IPA Mind Tricks
    Empire Brewing’s Response to Lucasfilm’s Trademark Claim IsThe short video addressed to the ‘Star Wars’ maker is nothing short of a blockbuster.
  41. Beer Me
    America’s Beloved PBR Will Be Sold to Russian Brewers“America’s Best in 1893” gets foreign owners in 2014.
  42. Beer Me
    Owner of PBR in Talks to Sell Company for Almost $1 BillionNearly four times what it sold for in 2010.
  43. Beer Me
    Bud Light’s Town-Size Party Completely Clogged Up a Tiny Colorado Airport“Literally 1,000 young drunk/hungover kids” got stranded in an airport “the size of a gas station.”
  44. Beer Me
    Brooklyn Brewery’s Latest Comic-Con Beer Features a Female SuperheroThe brew is as “red as the setting sun, as brisk as a tornado.”
  45. Beer Me
    Small Town Isn’t So Sure It Wants to Host Giant Party for 1,000 Bud LightThey certainly don’t want the beer company to paint all of its lampposts electric blue.
  46. Beer Me
    Pabst Will Put Ballantine Pale Ale Back Into ProductionThe beer-maker is hoping it has the next great hipster beer on its hands.
  47. Bottled Blondes
    Guinness’s Ambitious New Beer Will Be Brewed in AmericaThe Irish stout maker is calling it a “fusion brew.”
  48. Can Do
    This Guy Has the Ability to Pour Beer With His HeadTalk about really useful superpowers.
  49. Crime
    Someone Stole 300,000 Liters of Beer in GermanyThe evidence is likely long gone.
  50. Beer Me
    Stadium’s Self-Serve Beer Machines Pour Bud Light on DemandYou buy it by the ounce.
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