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  1. Down the Shore
    Atlantic City’s 40/40 Club Closed Because of FinancialA spokesperson for the club’s landlord calls bullshit on claims that the storm damaged the club.
  2. Beef
    Student Guest Workers File Federal Complaints Against McDonald’sStudent guest workers who participated in yesterday’s protests are taking their fight to the next level.
  3. Beef
    Raw Deal at The Opening of Raw Star Cafe?The restaurant’s “endless menu” turned out to be a bit of an overstatement.
  4. Beef
    Student Guest Workers Protest McDonald’s Over Claims of SevereGuest workers were forced to work long hours at substandard pay, and live in squalid, employer-owned apartments.
  5. Beef
    Alec Baldwin Thinks Shia LaBeouf Could Act Less Like a ‘CelebrityGood performances do in fact grow on trees, it turns out, just really slowly.
  6. Beef
    One-Upmanship: Honey Boo Boo Outsmarts the Girl ScoutsAfter the organization stops her online business, she takes it to the mall.
  7. Beef
    Girl Scouts Bust Honey Boo Boo Over Online Cookie SalesThe reality star is accused of cutting in on the organization’s cookie racket.
  8. Lawsuits
    Hebrew National Wieners Are Probably-Maybe KosherThey’re at least vaguely-religious.
  9. Beef
    Fried-Chicken Joint Starts Epic and Demented Twitter Beef With Food BloggerYes, burn sauce was involved.
  10. Beef
    Santa Monica Gets All Emotional About A Denny’sBlogger Alison Marino catches flack for calling the sale of a longstanding location “tragic.”
  11. Celebrity Settings
    La Scala Stops Diana Ross In The Name of Seating PoliciesThe restaurant refuses to serve the Motown queen until the other half of her party arrives.
  12. Endangered
    Irv’s Burgers May Be Fighting For Its Life…AgainIn what may be yet another case of a greedy landlord or an overly-ambitious neighbor, the historic burger stand is being threatened with a raised rent.
  13. Beef
    Racquet Club Gives Vespers the BootVesper Club members are now free to blow smoke wherever they want.
  14. At The Drive-In
    Former NHL Players Busted For Fracas at Laguna Beach Jack-in-the-BoxFormer Toronto Maple Leaf player Rich Costello broke a car’s window and tried to slug a customer after cutting in line at the drive-in.
  15. Truckin'
    City Council Bounces Food Trucks From Mid-WilshireCouncilmember Tom LaBonge cites “safety concerns” in a move that snatches lucrative real-estate from the mobile vendors’ grip.
  16. Beef
    Colicchio’s People Force Noe Valley Bar Crafthouse to TakeIt will now be named Caskhouse, and has yet to open.
  17. Beef
    Vesper Club In a Huff Over Racquet Club’s Ban on SmokingUrging members to quit smoking might help the club survive, too.
  18. Beef
    Tom Mylan Wants You to Know That Rare Burgers Are Not the Problem“When you move to outlaw hamburgers, it’s a pretty clear sign that your food system is broken.”
  19. Beef
    The Rise of L.A.’s ‘Starbucks Stakeholders’The term describes special interests who have only bought a cup of coffee in an area they’re voting in.
  20. Taco Town
    Street Gourmet L.A. Confronts Blog’s Confounding ‘Best Mex’ ListNot only is it in bad taste, it’s “inaccurate.”
  21. Beef
    Yes, Pho-Flavored Jerky Is a Thing NowPho jerky is the first of hopefully many chefs collaborations to come.
  22. Quote of the Day
    Savory Landlord Responds to Paul ShoemakerZan Marquis expresses a desire to keep the rift private.
  23. Beef
    Paul Shoemaker Decrys Landlord’s Mendacity to Malibu MayorThe Savory chef seeks to finally clear up any questions about his restaurant’s closure.
  24. Beef
    Anthony Bourdain Is Still Pretty Angry About That Whole Cadillac ThingAnthony Bourdain does not sell out.
  25. Amateur Hour
    U.K. Chef Continues Rant of Terror, Directed This Time Against French PeopleSomeone woke up on the wrong side of the Michelin-starred bed.
  26. Beef
    Paul Shoemaker Squashes Unsavory SlanderAccusations from his landlord are being vocally contested by the chef and his GM.
  27. Beef
    Burn Sauce: A Short History of Chefs Insulting BloggersChefs sharpen their knives and save their barbs.
  28. Truckin'
    Are Food Trucks Hoarding Parking Before Abbot Kinney’s ‘First Fridays?’U-Haul trucks and other vehicles are increasingly taking valuable spaces away from businesses, one business owner tells us.
  29. Empowered
    Eva Secures Funds For The Fight of Its LifeDonations provide $12,000 in legal and municipal fees, as a homeowners association sticks its nose in the restaurant’s business.
  30. Deals
    Garces Rolls Out the City’s Most Affordable Steak DinnerThere’s more to the humble steak frites offering than meats the eye.
  31. Beef
    Galco’s Owner and Highland Park Bike Brigade Acting Eerily Similar toJohn Nese, owner of the soda pop shop, even pulls some Romney-like evasion.
  32. Beef
    Pat LaFrieda Jr. Trashes JG Melon’s BurgerAlso, he eats three burgers a week.
  33. Beef
    New Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing An Actual Wolf in Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’sKris Tominaga says he’s outraged that the name of his pop-up is being used without the involvement of his team.
  34. Beef
    Farmer John Under Attack!Animal rights activists are descending on the pork purveyor’s South L.A. plant to protest the slaughter and make a bunch of Holocaust parallels.
  35. Beef
    Is Anthony Bourdain Getting Too Predictable?He’s a really articulate person, but that’s his problem.
  36. Beef
    French Quarter Marketplace Owner Accused of Being Totally ‘Over’ The RainbowOwner Michael Faze says the Judy Garland impersonator in question is just being difficult.
  37. Beef
    L.A. County Fair Feeling The Pinch Over A Game Called ‘Lobster Zone’The game involves picking up lobsters with a metal claw and the S.P.C.A. is not into it.
  38. Openings
    Baan Thai Opens; Sets Off Thai Rivalry In NoLibsThe early word is, just opened Baan Thai is just as good, if not better than, its neighbor Circles.
  39. Beef
    Fairmount Restaurateurs Weigh In On Made In America Keeping ThemThe two-day music festival will have some of Fairmount’s restaurants cut off from the world.
  40. Beef
    Hennessey’s Tavern Manager Bust-ed For Denying Server Right To Pump Breast MilkThe manager on duty told Kristen Joseph that the practice was “disgusting.”
  41. Beef
    Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For Decent Dining Options to Materialize atWe were promised dining options that are on par with Stephen Starr restaurants.
  42. Temporary Closings
    AK Supper Club Axed…For NowJust a little more than a month after opening, chef Kevin Kathman is stopping service until he can get a contract.
  43. Beef
    Battle Over Bodine Street Spreads to Balconies On Spring GardenSince the bar got its way with taking over the underused street, it will most likely get its balconies too.
  44. Beef
    Famous River Hot Dog Man Is Up Sh-t’s CreekHe’s facing penalties as high as $300,000 per day, and jail time.
  45. Beef
    Jamie Oliver Now Has a Bone to Pick With David BeckhamOne role model to another: Why endorse Pepsi?
  46. Beef
    Echo Park Tries to Stomach a $175 SteakUpon learning about The Vagrancy Project, blog pundits tell diners they should “be deeply ashamed of themselves.”
  47. Beef
    Campanile Offers ‘Anti-DineLA’ MenuThe La Brea institution revels in “not paying the big marketing companies or their sponsors!”
  48. Lawsuits
    Cyrus in Healdsburg Closing This Fall; Hotel Landlords WinTheir last day will be October 31.
  49. The Great Outdoors
    Byko on Outdoor Dining: Get Off My Lawn Sidewalk!Byko’s beef with outdoor dining is the same as his objection to sharing the road with cyclists.
  50. Beef
    Atlantic City’s Unions Are Not Down With Revel’s ‘TermOrganized labor is pushing back, and plans to take the matter to court and the ballot.
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