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  1. Closings
    Prospect Heights Restaurant Beast Closes SundayThe bar and restaurant, which serves an eclectic mix of tapas, has been open for nearly ten years.
  2. Closings
    BEast Shuts Down to Make Way for Pop-upsBroadway East loses its subterranean lounge.
  3. Lists
    Zagat: The Love Guru?The burgundy guide has some advice about dating and dumping.
  4. Awards
    Matt Levine Pulls a Kanye West at Paper Nightlife Awards“Paper Magazine awards are fixed!”
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Let John McEnroe’s Kid Fix You a DrinkKevin McEnroe is working as a bartender.
  6. The New York Diet
    After Months Eating Cross-country in Caves, Photographer Ryan McGinley Dives“For dinner, at 8 p.m. I had cupcakes from Babycakes at Michael Stipe’s new apartment.”
  7. Openings
    Hotel Griffou Opens Its Doors to Fashionable FriendsRachel Roy and Chloë Sevigny have already been spotted at the new restaurant from a pair of Balthazar and Waverly Inn alums.
  8. Chef Shuffle
    Gavin Mills Leaves Broadway EastThe Mas chef gave the former vegetarian restaurant a meaty makeover.
  9. Openings
    Subterranean-Lounge Trend Hits Pizza ParlourThe Niagara folks have soft-opened the Cabin Down Below.
  10. Nightlife
    The Lower Lower East Side Scene Is Further ExposedThe ‘Post’ and ‘New York’ shine a light on B.East and Chloe 81.
  11. Chef Shuffle
    New Chef Gavin Mills Gives Broadway East a Meaty MakeoverBut his beets topped with goat-cheese ice cream may be the winning dish.
  12. Celebrity Settings
    Our Weird Bill Murray Sighting Was Just the Tip of the IcebergApparently the guy is a “ghost” who spends his time “trawling for serendipity in the New York night.”
  13. Trends
    Does the ‘Times’ Cocktail Story Hold Water?Sure, molecular mixology exists, but how many New York bartenders actually practice it?
  14. Douchebusters
    Bill Murray Shows Up at Broadway East, Discovers East BroadwayThe ‘Ghostbusters’ star showed up for the Chinatown lounge’s douchebusters party.
  15. Douchebusters
    Downtowners Say ‘Bye Bye, Douchebags’ at BEast‘Interview’ magazine is stopping in tonight to shoot the beautiful people in sunglasses.
  16. It’s Chinatown
    BEast Screens Off-the-Wall Movie, Serves Off-the-Menu CocktailSee one of the greatest food fights of all time.
  17. Openings
    A First Look at BEast, the Latest ‘Secret’ Lounge, Opening ThursdayIt’s not just the buzzer entry that makes this basement boîte, from an owner of Santos’ Party House, a promising development.