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  1. Quote of the Day
    Mario Batali, Lovestruck for Lake MichiganMolto, lakeside.
  2. Wrecked
    Mario Batali’s Vespa Got ButcheredWho done it?
  3. Onward
    Have the Bankers Forgiven Batali?Or are they too rich to remember?
  4. Snip Snip
    Batali’s Ponytail on the Chopping BlockFor $500,000 in donations, he’ll go butch.
  5. Critics
    Lupa Loses Some Asimov LoveIt wasn’t so perfect this time around.
  6. Explosive
    Mario Batali Compares Bankers to Hitler, Causes Serious Backlash [Updated]The one percent is swearing off Batali’s restaurants after his comments. The upside: This might make it easier for the rest of us to get a reservation at Babbo.
  7. Awkward
    Bloomberg Chews It UpHe cooked all New York ingredients.