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  1. Paul Shoemaker
    Paul Shoemaker Considers More Juicy Lucy Locations, Pizza Concept Named Biga,The chef foresees an intimate experience where guest chefs like Keller and Achatz prepare dinner for just 20 diners.
  2. Openings
    Joseph Mahon Opening Permanent Burger Parlor on SundayThe former Bastide chef returns with his Lasorda burgers, “Chip Shot,” and cereal milk shakes.
  3. Openings
    What to Eat at Joseph Mahon’s Early Bird, Opening Next Week in FullertonThe former Bastide chef will offer breakfast and lunch to Orange County.
  4. Lists
    Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Notable Openings and Closings of 2011The restaurants we loved to see come and go in 2011.
  5. Openings
    What to Eat at Mexikosher, Now Open on PicoA Kosher Mexican restaurant run by a Mexican-Japanese chef? Only in L.A., kids.
  6. Mediavore
    Red Bull Killer Found Not Guilty; What’s In a $1,200 Kebab?Gold leaf and champagne help boost the price of Andy Bates’ ultra-luxe Middle Eastern offering.
  7. Closings
    Bastide Bids Adieu to Melrose PlaceYep, the restaurant was apparently just lying to our faces when they promised a summer reopening.
  8. Temporary Closings
    Bastide Promises To Reopen in AugustThe shutter is intended for yet another reinvention, but is not meant to be permanent.
  9. Mediavore
    LAUSD Appeases Critics Through Flavored Milk Ban; Joseph Mahon Finds a FullertonThe ban has been considered for some time, but will allow LAUSD a little breathing room.
  10. Chef Shuffles
    Meet Bastide’s New Chef, Sydney Hunter IIIIf he spends as much time on the food as he does on his goatee, he might actually make it more than the usual handful of months.
  11. Chef Shuffles
    Comme Ca Relieves Dong Choi of DutyThe restaurant’s announcement makes them sound ever more like Bastide.
  12. Look Who’s Popping Up
    The Cooking Gangster and The Wine Pimp Join Forces For Biergarten Pop-UpFormer Bin8945 owner David Haskell will be on drink duty, while former recent Bastide exile Joseph Mahon cooks a five-course dinner.
  13. Chef Shuffles
    Joseph Mahon Bails Bastide; Michael Brown Blows Red OIs Brown running from bad reviews? is Mahon running from Joe Pytka?
  14. The Other Critics
    Brad A. Johnson Savors Shoemaker; Gold Grubs at Georgio’s CucinaAngeleno thinks a little work could turn Malibu’s Savory into a citywide dining destination, while L.A. Weekly nails down the elusive Gary Robins.
  15. Al Giraud
    How To Partner With Alain Giraud on Maison GiraudThe former Bastide and Anisette chef is looking for prospective investors with $25,000 to spare.
  16. Burgertime
    In A Sign of the Times, Bastide Does BurgersThe restaurant has become more casual, with young things in place of old fogies and fried chicken and burgers hitting the menu.
  17. The Manzke Mash
    Walter Manzke Lends His Touch to Le Saint Amour“I’m just making some changes to their menu…I’m not the chef and will never be the chef there,” Manzke asserts.
  18. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    Happy Mondays Come to BastideDiscount drinks and menu items pop-up where they were least expected.
  19. Neighborhood Watch
    Pizza Fries Hit Burbank; Kalbi Burger Opens in KTownNew comfort tastes hit L.A.
  20. Neighborhood Watch
    Food Truck Boycott Urged in Larchmont; Beverly Hills Hotel Chef Going to BocuseJane Gilman urges the truck trend out of her backyard and Alex Chen will represent Canada in the culinary competition.
  21. Mediavore
    Mike Tyson Goes Vegan; Paris Hilton Gives Up In-N-OutA famous ear-biter goes meatless, while a famous socialite ditches fast-food.
  22. Chef Shuffle
    Pastry Chef Sharlena Fong Exits Nickel DinerFormer Water Grill and Bastide pastry chef Koa Duncan might take her place.
  23. The Other Critics
    Virbila and Bastide Resolve Rocky Past; Karen Hatfield Eases Johnson’s Sous VideJoseph Mahon satisfies the Times critic, while Angeleno thinks Quinn Hatfield goes a little far sometimes.
  24. Openings
    Tar Pit, Bastide, and Grill ‘Em All Grand-Open This WeekThree anticipated openings are afoot.
  25. Reopenings
    See the New Bastide This MondayBastide will have an open house to see its collaboration with a bookseller.
  26. Fever for Lefebvre
    Interview: Ludo Bites BackLudo tells us what to expect at LudoBites at Royal-T.
  27. Re-openings
    Winter Shifts Our Obsessions to Three Re-OpeningsWith Bouchon now open, all eyes are on three big re-openings.
  28. Openings
    Will Bastide Be A Bistro, a Bookstore, or Even Bastide?As Bastide sets to return, big changes are taking root.
  29. Re-Openings
    Bastide to Rise Again in November with Chef Jerome VoltatONe of L.A.’s best and most controversial kitchens will re-open this fall.