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Bartenders Bible

  1. Bartenders Bible
    If You Try to Be Cool About It, The Saloon’s Frankie Rotonta Will Be Cool About“Whenever somebody orders a martini, I never use vermouth. The reason why is I can always put vermouth into the drink, but I can’t take vermouth out of it.”
  2. Booze You Can Use
    If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em at McGillin’sHead into the belly of the St. Paddy’s Day beast
  3. Bartenders Bible
    At Alfa and Xochitl, Erik Boardman Follows in the Footsteps of the ‘Cranky“It’s not like they inherited a trust fund, started banging cocktail waitresses three at a time and decided to open a bar for giggles so their friends could drink for free.”
  4. Bartenders Bible
    If You Serve Miller Lite at Your Party, Smiths’ Ash Sims Will Bring His“Also, the crew at Dave & Buster’s did mixed martial arts - they were pretty crazy. When the melee started, their special set of skills came out.”
  5. Bartenders Bible
    Cantina’s Stas Shectman Suggests Using Both Shame and Humor to Wrangle Unruly“Belittling and mocking don’t generally help, but if you can do them subtly enough so that the person doesn’t realize you’re doing it, it can be a lot of fun.”
  6. Bartenders Bible
    Southwark’s George Costa Recommends Barmen ‘Always Appear Pleasant with a“Just treat people with a little bit of respect, as much as it f***ing kills you.”
  7. Bartenders Bible
    John Doyle Will Bartend at McGilllins for Another 25 Years or as Long as His“I was a medic when I was in the army, I’ve seen dead people and picked up dead people and saw a couple of autopsies so it didn’t bother me to clean the vomit up.”
  8. Bartenders Bible
    Felicia D’Ambrosio of The Belgian Cafe Will Beat You With Your Own Muddler“I know more about beer than all the bartenders on the block put together, and my shorts are shorter as well.”
  9. Bartenders Bible
    Michael Ojeda of Pub & Kitchen Promises His Drinks Will Transport You to a“I might walk for blocks and happen into a place I haven’t been to in years, or I have never been. I love all bars equally.”
  10. Bartenders Bible
    Jeremy Thomson of The Khyber Recommends Lifting Kegs While Getting the Led Out“There is not enough room on the entire internet for me to list all of the amazingly horrible things I’ve seen at the Khyber.”
  11. Bartenders Bible
    Papi from Savona Thinks Bartenders Should Shake Hard and With PassionGet to know the people behind the booze
  12. Bartenders Bible
    When Leo Eisenstein of Grace Tavern Is Behind the Bar, Your Secret Is His SecretGet to know the people behind the booze
  13. Bartenders Bible
    Colin Shearn of The Franklin Likes His Customers Curious, Thirsty, Rich andGet to know the people behind the booze