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Barrel Aged Cocktails

  1. Booze You Can Use
    Pub & Kitchen’s Dahlia Breaks the Barrel-Aged Cocktail MoldThe Pub & Kitchen crew are moving beyond the Manhattan, Martinez and Negroni paradigm.
  2. Menus
    Check Out What’s Inside the Farmers’ CabinetThe space features two bars and a farm fresh focused menu.
  3. Booze You Can Use
    Why Do Barrel-Aged Cocktails Always Seem to Be the Same Three Drinks?You can have any drink you want, as long as it’s a Negroni, a Martinez, or a Manhattan.
  4. Trends
    Barrel-Aging Cocktails: A Little Harder Than It LooksProbably just easier to head to a bar that’s making them.
  5. Booze You Can Use
    Dram Jumps Aboard the Barrel-Aged BandwagonThe Williamsburg cocktail bar introduced its aged Martinez last week.
  6. Foodievents
    Pub & Kitchen Is Bringing its Churchill Burger and Barrel Aged Cocktails to AmisFor Amis’ monthly industry party, the Pub & Kitchen folks are bringing LeFrieda burgers and oak-aged Manhattans.
  7. Bars
    Tonight: Country Delight at Pub & Kitchen and Royal Tavern Celebrates its EighthPub & Kitchen has country, chicken and drink specials lined up, and the Royal Tavern is celebrating with ci=cupcakes and beer.