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  1. Openings
    Barnyard Finally Opening on February 1Jesse Barber is the venture’s new ace-in-the-hole, following the exit of Jeremy Fox.
  2. Chef Shuffles
    Jeremy Fox Flees Old Soul, ‘This Is Not a Pop-Up’ Continues With Stellar ChefFox is leaving diners with reservations for his January series empty-handed to pursue another opportunity.
  3. Chef Shuffles
    A Happy Ending in the BarnyardJesse Barber, Previous of Tasting Kitchen Venice, Finds a New job at Barnyard
  4. Jeremy Fox
    Jeremy Fox Launching ‘Old Souls’ Dinner Series at Square OneA four-course, $50 meal introduces “this is not a pop-up,” a new project intended to keep chefs cooking between restaurants.
  5. Chef Shuffles
    Jeremy Fox on the Move Again, Departs Venice Beach ProjectHe has a new project in the works, but he won’t say what just yet.
  6. Chef Shuffles
    Management Team Bails Barnyard, Jeremy Fox Working on New ProjectFormer general manager Helena Brown tells us the ownership “wasn’t a good fit.”
  7. L.A. Diet
    Chef Jeremy Fox Has a Salad Habit, Prefers Diners to Trendy Restaurants“I’ve never really been into salads. I grew up on fast food, but I’m 36 now, and it doesn’t make me feel so good anymore.”
  8. The Hounds and The Fox
    Jeremy Fox Dreams of Kosher PigAfter a rumor of a new restaurant sparks on Pinterest, the chef says it’s just a plan on paper for now.
  9. Other Cities
    Jeremy Fox’s L.A. Restaurant Finally Announced, and It Will Be CalledIt’s in Venice Beach.
  10. Coming Soon
    Jeremy Fox Opening Barnyard in VeniceThe former Ubuntu chef promises “peasant cuisine,” which will probably be sold to rich people.