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Barney’s Beanery

  1. Foodies With Benefits
    Firestone and Barney’s Unite For Military Families50 cents of every pint of Pale 31 sold will go to educate the children of Marines and Navy corpsmen injured or killed in combat.
  2. Video Feeds
    Watch a Flash Mob Spontaneously Act Out Bukowski Poems at Barney’s BeaneryThe writer could famously hold his liquor, but we have no idea whether these actors would make him puke or perk up.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Breabar on Third Street ‘Temporarily’ Closed; Villetta Chef ShufflesPlans for new Echo Park restaurant from the owners of Cookbook.
  4. Mediavore
    Ghosts Toast at Barney’s Beanery; L.A. Food Truck Fees IncreasingThere’s a ghost in the (beer) machine at the West Hollywood roadhouse.
  5. Deals
    Where to Eat (For Less) Tonight at Westwood LiveFive dollar short rib sliders and PBR will infiltrate the neighborhood’s locavore stronghold.
  6. Mediavore
    Barney’s Beanery Turns 90; The Problem With Vending Machine FruitThe bar that once ejected Jim Morrison and rejected homosexuals has a birthday, while easy access to fruit leads to bruising.
  7. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    L.A. Weekly Looks at 50 Places to Get Loaded At for LessInsider tips, chef-driven deals, and real dive bars get a spotlight.
  8. Celebrity Settings
    Larry King Brawled with Wifey at Nate ‘N Al; Paris Hilton Mends Her Heart at DanThe talk-show legend’s dining habits no longer seem so cute.
  9. Empire Building
    Barney’s Beanery Expands to WestwoodA fifth location is coming, though overdue, in college country.
  10. Crime Scenes
    Shoplifters Unite at L.A. EateriesHave a drink and some artwork, or a mini shaker.