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  1. Openings
    Since 1963: BBQ by the Pound in Boerum HillThe restaurant adjacent to Trout changes its theme, again.
  2. Foodievents
    Calexico Hits WilliamsburgThey’ll be grilling with D.J.’s next week.
  3. Halfhearted Apologies
    Chef: Stop Picking on the Bacon ExplosionWere we being too hard on the 2,000-calorie bacon bomb?
  4. Temporary Closings
    BBQ BummerA popular barbecue truck is temporarily out of commission.
  5. Freebies
    Free Whiskey ShakesAnd free food at Bushwick Country Club’s Sunday barbecues.
  6. What to Eat
    Resto and Hill Country Go Whole HogWhole pigs are in the air. Well, not literally …
  7. Stadium Eats
    Brother Jimmy’s Unveils Yankee Stadium Menu (Fried Pickles? Oh Yes!)And the prices won’t be astronomically inflated.
  8. Openings
    BBQ (Not Dallas BBQ) Will Reopen on MondayPlus, Dallas BBQ has an awesome recession special.
  9. Openings
    What to Eat at Marfa, Now Open and Serving Chicken-Fried SteakThe Texas-themed menu and a shot of last night’s opening party.
  10. Recession Is Your Friend
    Free Tequila, All-You-Can-Eat BBQNew specials at the Delancey and Hill Country.
  11. Empire Building
    Will Timberlake Show Chelsea Some Southern Hospitality?Justin’s barbecue joint may be coming to Sixth Avenue.
  12. Deep Thoughts
    Bar-B-JewsWhat’s so Jewish about Hill Country?
  13. Recession Is Your Friend
    Alcoholic ActivismWildwood caves and offers diners booze instead of dessert.
  14. Openings
    Brooklyn BBQJim Mamary’s new barbecue joint opens. Is $7 too much for a Brooklyn beer?
  15. Openings
    Today in Jim MamaryThe prolific restaurateur’s barbecue joint, Billy Sunday, is set to open.
  16. Mediavore
    Food Critics in Barbecue Brawl; Chez Le Chef to ShutterPlus: Frederick’s Downtown gets sued, in our morning news roundup.
  17. Openings
    Texas Twosome: Does Hog Pit Stand a Chance Against Hill Country?A barbecue aficionado finds reasons why some might opt for the Hog Pit.
  18. Beef
    N.Y. vs. Boston BBQA rundown of how the rival cities do the ‘cue.
  19. Mediavore
    Nello Balan Fined for Annoying Court; Bodegas Violate Health CodesBrewfest nightmare and smoking meat at home, in our daily news roundup.
  20. Mediavore
    Paul McCartney Given Meat by Mistake at Nick and Toni’s; How to Make BadIf I could save smoke in a bottle … the first thing that I’d like to do …
  21. NewsFeed
    Dallas BBQ Soon to Go Even Farther North of TexasIt’s coming to the Bronx!
  22. Foodievents
    Sam Mason Is Smokin’ (As in Barbecuing)His cooking will go for $5 per plate next Wednesday.
  23. NewsFeed
    Southern Hospitality Looking to ExpandSouthern Hospitality looks at the Steak Frites space on Varick Street.
  24. NewsFeed
    BBQ Martyr Stays Up All NightNews from the New Jersey State Barbecue Championship.
  25. Openings
    Brother Jimmy’s BBQ Takes Murray Hill (About Time!)Sure, there’s a wall of whiskey barrels and a wall of hubcaps, but how many flat-panel TVs will there be?
  26. Mediavore
    Destroy All Illegal Barbecuers!; ‘Emeril Live’ ReappearsPrestige pizza in Port Chester, barbecuers run amok, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  27. In the Magazine
    Making Sense of Summer EatsThis week’s magazine delves into barbecue and gelato.
  28. Foodievents
    Enjoy Big Apple BBQ Block Party in Cooler, Indoor FormA picture is as good as a thousand degrees.
  29. User’s Guide
    How to Get the Most Out of the Big Apple BBQ Block PartyA few tips for successful barbecue gluttony this weekend.
  30. Foodievents
    Brooklyn Pigfest Is Tomorrow, and They’d Better Not Run Out This TimeSun, beer, music, and pig…for as long as it lasts.
  31. NewsFeed
    The Big Apple BBQ Block Party Demands a Lot From Its VendorsCooking 7,000 pounds of barbecue isn’t easy. But pity the poor pit master schlepping here from out of state!
  32. User’s Guide
    Make Hill Country Barbecue at Home This WeekendWant to cook Texas-style barbecue this weekend at home? It’s not that hard.
  33. Mediavore
    Sam Talbot Finally Has a Menu Ready; Cosmo’s Popularity Not FadingPlus: Sam Talbot’s menu for the Surf Club, the cosmo won’t go away, and more in our morning roundup of news and gossip.
  34. Foodievents
    Big Apple BBQ Lineup Is Promising, FamiliarThe South comes north for Danny Meyer’s annual barbecue free-for-all in June.
  35. NewsFeed
    First Look Inside Wildwood BarbequeB.R. Guest’s new barbecue restaurant opens Thursday, and we’ve got photos.
  36. NewsFeed
    Hill Country Moves Beyond Briskets and SpareribsHill Country is expanding its menu beyond the stark Texas standards that established its reputation.
  37. NewsFeed
    Dr. BBQ Takes the Reins at Southern HospitalityDr. BBQ has been called in by Southern Hospitality to revamp the barbecue program — and he’s just he man to do it.
  38. NewsFeed
    Breaking: Zak Pelaccio and Robbie Richter to Collaborate on Asian Barbecue in Former Hill Country pitmaster Robbie Richter has been lying low since his split with the restaurant, but that doesn’t mean the most decorated competition cooker in New York has been idle. Instead, he’s been collaborating with Zak Pelaccio on a Southeast Asian barbecue restaurant in Williamsburg. Look for it in the fall on South 6th Street between Berry and Bedford.
  39. NewsFeed
    City’s Only Barbecue Contest Loses HomeIt’s yet another setback for the barely breathing New York competition barbecue circuit: Grillin’ on the Bay, the city’s only Kansas City Barbecue Society–sanctioned contest, which had been planned for this summer at beautiful Kingsborough Community College in Sheepshead Bay, is off. Kingsborough rescinded its invitation, organizers say, leaving them only a few months to find a new location for dozens of teams and their mobile barbecue pits. One alternate being considered is Floyd Bennett Field, an empty expanse south of Marine Park in Brooklyn. We’ll let you know the confirmed time and place when we hear it.
  40. NewsFeed
    Robbie Richter and Hill Country Part WaysIt’s a sad day for New York barbecue: Hill Country and pitmaster Robbie Richter have parted ways, a mutual decision both sides say was amicable. Richter, whose salt-and-pepper-powered Texas-style barbecue has been a huge critical success, says “there are new barbecue horizons, new directions, a world of flavors and techniques that I need to start exploring.” What might those be? Richter won’t say – yet. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Hill Country owner Marc Glosserman calls Richter “a passionate cook and a great champion of barbecue.” Pitmaster duties will be taken over by Pete Daversa, a Blue Smoke veteran who’s been running basic barbecue operations under Richter since Hill Country opened. Related: The Mystery of the Pitmasters Stymies the ‘Times’
  41. Back of the House
    The Mystery of the Pitmasters Stymies the ‘Times’The Times, touching on a story Grub Street broke when Moses was in short pants, had a big feature on the dearth of experienced pitmasters Sunday, pegged on GS pal Big Lou Elrose of Wildwood. The piece marvels at the quick ascent of Big Lou from working an Ozone Park lunch wagon to his current post, but in fact, Elrose’s bones were made as Adam Perry Lang’s right hand man in competition; the lunch wagon was just a lark. Still, the city’s top pitmasters are as baffling to food writers as they are to the general public. Their job is hard to understand, because nothing they do happens while customers are present to observe. The pitmaster’s art is exercised in the dead night, in secrecy and silence, and outside observers rarely get any glimpse of what it involves. There is one factor that never changes, though, and will always separate real pitmasters from merely titular ones.
  42. NewsFeed
    RUB Bringing Barbecue to Los Angeles?Hill Country and the forthcoming Wildwood have been getting most of the headlines lately, but RUB seems to be the New York barbecue most likely to take over the world. The huge Vegas operation is set to open on the 15th at the Rio, and owner Andrew Fischel also has plans to open an immense RUB in Los Angeles. “It’s still something we’re in talks on, but it’s going to be big!” Fischel tells us. Of course it is. RUB is a planet eater. But will this occasion the building of a second RUB chopper? Or will L.A.’s car culture demand a RUB hot rod, possibly with a smoke-belching blower coming out of the hood? Or maybe a RUB lowrider? Fischel is mum on the possibilities, but we can’t help but dream. Related: It’s Not a Motorcycle, Baby. It’s a Mobile Barbecue Pit.
  43. NewsFeed
    NYC Deli Owners Try Out a Barbecue FranchiseJust when you thought the New York barbecue marketplace was sated — and believe us, we thought so too — comes word that yet another megabarbecue is coming to the city. And not just one location, either: Famous Dave’s has sold a territorial franchise to open seven restaurants in New York and Westchester to Sammy Benmoha, owner of Maxie’s Deli, and, with his father Jacob, the Roxy and BenAsh Delis. What is this Famous Dave’s anyway? And how can there possibly be room for seven more megabarbecues, with Spanky’s, Hill Country, Virgil’s, RUB, Blue Smoke, Daisy May, Dinosaur, and half a dozen others already feeding the masses, and B. R. Guest’s Wildwood on the way?
  44. Foodievents
    This Theater Serves Pork, Not PopcornWarm weather is running out for Harry’s Water Taxi Beach, the aquatic venue that was the site of Meatopia and any number of other summer frolics. But the place has one more big event left in it: this weekend’s barbecue movie series, the last segment of the first annual NYC Food Film Festival. Starting tonight and running through Saturday, catch titles like the much buzzed-about (in BBQ circles, anyway) Barbecue: a Texas Love Story or Dial S for Sausage. All will be accompanied by real barbecue, prepared by Meatopia veterans Scotty Smith of RUB and Robby Richter of Big Island Barbecue. “These are great films which happen to be about barbecue,” says documentarian George Motz, one of the festival’s organizers. “The food, though, will make it a multisensory experience.” After the jump, catch a sneak preview of Barbecue: a Texas Love Story.
  45. The Other Critics
    Franny’s Gets the All-Purpose Two Stars; Southern Hospitality Praised forFranny’s is the recipient of one of Frank Bruni’s periodic low-end caprices, and gets awarded an absurd two stars as a result. [NYT] Paul Lukas, a pretty serious student of barbecue, delivers the verdict on the new barbecues, and the surprise is that Southern Hospitality has some pretty damn good Memphis ribs. Hill Country, it goes without saying, gets lauded as the best BBQ in town. [NYS] Related: Insatiable Critic: Southern Hospitality “Rivulets of delicious grease are a common theme” is the key note to Paul Adams’s review of Borough Food and Drink. Mmmm…grease…. [NYS]
  46. NewsFeed
    B.R. Guest’s New BBQ: Will Wildwood Succeed?Last month we reported on the possibility of a new B.R. Guest BBQ restaurant on Park Avenue South, and B.R. Guest officially pooh-poohed the idea. But we trust our BBQ world sources, and we have a lot of them, so today, we’ve got the details. The place will in fact be in the old Barça 18 space, as we predicted, and will be called Wildwood BBQ. David Rockwell will do the interior, which will include a 75-foot-long bar and 200 seats. Our take? Though there’s no doubt that B.R. Guest group knows how to run a restaurant, barbecue is not just another “concept,” and corporate restaurants, with their tight financial controls, rarely produce great meat. And it’s an odd place to put it, given that three of the best barbecue restaurants in New York are in the Madison Square Park–Flatiron area, in RUB, Hill Country, and Blue Smoke.
  47. NewsFeed
    Hill Country Pits Graffiti Grows Worse Each DayHill Country was born old. The day it opened, its walls and air vents had been painstakingly smoked-stained, and its floors distressed to look as if 10,000 gluttons had waddled across it over the years. But the pits were brand-new. Not so anymore: After one summer of operation, they’re now signed with the regards of dozens of chefs, politicians, celebrities, and members of the barbecue underground.
  48. The In-box
    BBQ Brethren Speaks! Now here we thought that the Barbecue Brethren were a bunch of byzantine schemers, taking potshots at their enemies and vice versa, while the world looked on in indifference. But it turns out that we were wrong! Eric Devlin, an articulate fellow who happens to belong to that group, set us straight in a missive as notable for its refined tone and polished eloquence as for the fact that it is totally insane. Further proof of the Brethren’s non-omnipotence can be found in the fact that none of their members won last weekend’s Ribfest; the laurels went to Boston’s I Que.
  49. NewsFeed
    It’s Not a Motorcycle, Baby. It’s a Mobile Barbecue Pit. When we heard that RUB was commissioning Orange County Chopper, of American Chopper fame, to make a mobile barbecue pit, we thought it was a pretty cool idea. We expected it to be a novelty, like a two-headed kitten, or the world’s largest ball of string. Nothing prepared us for the mind-numbing coolness of the actual RUB Chopper: The restaurant’s owner, Andrew Fischel, correctly characterizes as “the sickest, baddest thing in the world.”
  50. Beef
    New York’s Barbecue Illuminati — Revealed! Anyone who happened to read a recent White Trash BBQ post about the upcoming Hudson Valley Ribfest contest was bound to be confused. We love the contest, and have even won one of its categories in the past, but the part that got us was the dark allusion to a conspiracy of harassment: “I’m also worried a bit about the actions of a certain tribe in the barbeque world. Some of them will be at New Paltz. They’ve screwed with me and my friends before, and I don’t put it past them to do it again,” White Trash BBQ wrote.
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