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    L.A. Restaurateur Responds to Yelpers With Threats of ViolenceOne-star Yelp reviewers could be “getting knocked into unconsciousness.”
  2. barbaric yelp
    Yelpers Are Trashing a Restaurant That Resold Popeyes Chicken As Its Own“If you want Popeyes chicken … go to Popeyes.”
  3. barbaric yelp
    Obama Officially Protects Yelpers’ Right to Leave Terrible ReviewsHe signed the Consumer Review Fairness Act, banning lawsuits against customers.
  4. barbaric yelp
    Yelp Is About to Let You Skip the Line at RestaurantsThe site just partnered with a start-up called Nowait.
  5. Barbaric Yelp
    Restaurateur Admits Yelper Didn’t Poop PantsTalk about a Friday-afternoon news dump.
  6. Barbaric Yelp
    Restaurant Owner Accuses Angry Yelper of Pooping Her Pants During Happy Hour“Never return to any of our establishments until you are potty trained.”
  7. Barbaric Yelp
    Food Network Will Give Yelpers Their Own ShowWhy?
  8. Barbaric Yelp
    This Denver Chef Is the Yelp-Review Vigilante Nobody Asked ForHe’s biting back in a very aggressive way.
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    Yelp Fired an Employee Who Told the CEO She Was Woefully UnderpaidShe called it “a little ironic” that she works for their new delivery service but can’t afford food.
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    That South Park Episode Inspired One Restaurateur to Ban All YelpersGiant signs now hang outside his Tucson concepts.
  11. Video Feed
    Watch South Park’s Horrible, Perfect Song About YelpersThe characters discovered the power of mentioning to restaurants that they’re Yelp critics.
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    Yet Another Restaurateur Has Accused Yelp of Tweaking ReviewsApparently, one chef claims, Yelp will punish you if you don’t buy ads.
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    Yelp’s New Food-Delivery Service Has Already Been Sued for Unpaid TipsThere’s a $5 million lawsuit against Eat24 just five months after Yelp bought it.
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    A Restaurant Owner Responded to a Bad Yelp Review by Trashing a Customer’sAnother reason why Yelp is the worst.
  15. Rants
    Another Restaurant Owner Posted a Crazy Facebook Rant After Getting a Bad YelpNot good for business.
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    Restaurant Calls Out Lying Yelper by Posting Surveillance FootageAmmunition for the anti-Yelp documentary.
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    This Restaurant Shamed Its Own ‘Incompetent’ Staff on YelpShockingly, the place is now closed.
  18. Barbaric Yelp
    The Restaurant That ‘Buys’ One-Star Yelp Reviews Now Offers 50That’s up from the 25 percent they offered in September.
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    A Chef Went After an Ultracritical Yelper on Live RadioHe waited four years to pen his nasty review.
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    Littleneck Denies Offering Lots of Clams for Fake Yelp ReviewsSomeone is trying to sink the tiny clam shack’s reputation.
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    Yelp Sides With the Chef Who Facebook-Stalked an Online ReviewerNow the customer who penned the one-star post has been banned.
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    Here’s a Restaurant That Rewards Customers Who Give It Bad Yelp ReviewsHaters get 25 percent off and free cooking classes.
  23. Hated It
    California Makes It Illegal to Sue People for Posting Nasty Yelp ReviewsThe first, and probably not last, state to do this.
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    A Steakhouse Sued Yelp to Make It Identify a Malicious ReviewerSomeone impersonating a worker claimed to have “personally spit” in food.
  25. Barbaric Yelp
    Will Yelp Manipulate Ratings Now That the Court Says It Can?If it’s “not unlawful” for Yelp to “post and sequence the reviews,” why not?
  26. Barbaric Yelp
    French Chefs Launched a Petition to Ban Negative Online ReviewsMore than 1,700 people have signed it.
  27. Lawsuits
    Disgruntled Yelp Reviewers Say Want to Be Paid for Their WorkThey “perform the exact same work” as paid writers, anyhow.
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    Someone Is Writing a Novel in Yelp Reviews“I would recommend Volo Coffeehouse to anyone in Philadelphia who is going on an OKCupid date with a woman who has committed voter fraud.”
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    State Fines Companies $350,000 for Fake Yelp ReviewsTime to take out the trash.