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  1. original video
    New York’s Best Bar Food Will Satisfy Every Drunk CravingBecause cocktails are better with snacks.
  2. trendlet
    How the Shishito Conquered New YorkWill this periodically hot pepper ever cool off?
  3. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Izakayas in New YorkSpending an evening at one of the city’s izakayas — a.k.a. Japanese gastropubs — is one of the most transportive things you can do in this city.
  4. opening
    What to Eat at the Spaniard, Opening April 3 in the West Village“It’s an old Irish pub meets a New York tavern,” inspired by classic New York watering holes like Old Town and P. J. Clarke’s.
  5. grub guides
    12 Advanced Bar Snacks in NYC to Eat With Your Next CocktailFrom Until Tomorrow, Madre Mezcaleria, Atlantic Social, and more.
  6. celebrations
    The Rise and Fall of Potato SkinsAs they’ve disappeared from New York, so too has a certain kind of bar.
  7. the dish
    Prune Introduces Turkish Flaming ‘Disco’ Pistachios“We joke that when we vacuum, it’s all beer caps and pistachio shells now,” says chef Gabrielle Hamilton.
  8. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Nachos in New YorkThe crispiest, cheesiest, most loaded chips in town.
  9. Grub Guides
    Twenty-one Awesome Places to Score Free Bar FoodThis one’s for you, cheapskates.
  10. Empire Building
    SBE Targets Mammoth for Next Hyde Lounge Locale, Open FridaySam Nazarian is bringing his ultra-exclusive lounge to the slopes.
  11. Menus
    How to Serve Pub Grub for The HolidaysHudson House offers bar food to-go.
  12. Openings
    Greenwich Village to Get Another Gastropub, If You Want to Call It ThatThe definition of a gastropub, as Adam Platt points out in his E.U. review this week, is open to question. But there’s no doubt that even the most broadly defined one is an upgrade over a bar with bad food, or no food at all. The Half-Pint, on West 3rd Street, will soon be pouring hand-drawn cask ale and over 60 kinds of bottled beer for NYU students and other locals, as well as administering a better-than-it-has-to-be food program. Chef-owner Mark Whelan’s menu includes fried Wisconsin cheese curds, crusted yellowfin tuna over salad, and some creative rethinkings of familiar bar standards, such as a ground-bratwurst burger, and a Reuben pizza with French dressing, sauerkraut, pastrami, and Swiss cheese. (For our part, we plan to stick to cask ale and traditional bar pies with Esposito sausage and cremini mushrooms. At least for the first few pints.) The Half Pint is slotted to open Memorial Day weekend. The Half-Pint, 76 W. 3rd St., nr. Thompson St.; no phone yet. The Half Pint menu
  13. NewsFeed
    Not-Cheesy Bar Now Offering Mango-Ginger StiltonWe didn’t think things could get any lovelier at the Dove, pretty much the only bar around NYU that doesn’t make us want to strangle ourselves with a beer funnel — and, of course, our recent pick for best first-date bar. But lo and behold, our last visit revealed a new food menu. (It joins the glorious ranks of the other menus in the database you may have heard us make mention of.) It’s no surprise nachos aren’t on offer — remember, this place mixes its cocktails with soy milk. Instead, there are “tiers” of tea sandwiches and toasts made with ingredients like mushroom pâté, pine-nut-watercress pesto, heirloom beats, and black-truffle shavings. Plus, they now have a cheese plate and a selection of “delights.” So what exactly is a delight? Well, have a look for yourself. The Dove’s Menu [Menus]