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Bar Carrera

  1. Closings
    Veloce Pizzeria Relocating to MidtownDon’t believe that sign on the door that says “closed for renovations.”
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    Halloween at Habana Outpost; Brooklyn Bowl Hosts Monday Night FootballPlus: A pizza-and-beer special at Emporio, and an anniversary party at Capsouto Freres, in our regular roundup of neighborhood food news.
  3. Community Boards
    CB Shuffle: New Projects From ’Inoteca, Locanda, Carrera, and MorePlus, the Mott’s liquor license is recommended for denial.
  4. Mediavore
    Bloomberg in Favor of Drinking in the Park; FTC Worried About College Bud CansPlus: the AHA warns about sugar, and a new chef for Bar Carrera.
  5. Closings
    Smith’s Shutters and May Reopen As Mermaid InnDoug Psaltis wasn’t able to turn the restaurant around.
  6. Chef Shuffle
    Bar Carrera Gets Outdoor Seats, New Chef From WD~50A look at the new menu.
  7. Slideshow
    A First Look at Veloce ClubInside the recently luxified Bar Veloce.
  8. Menu Makeovers
    Twomey Twofer: Bar Carrera Gets Wine, Solex Gets PizzettesWith Fran Derby gone to Momofuku Ssäm, Bar Carrera is using its brick oven for delectable pizzas.
  9. Height of Absurdity
    Only in New York, Kids: Spanish Wine Bars Without WineOne tapas bar finally got its liquor license, but another one is still sans vino.
  10. NewsFeed
    Tapas Week: Xicala Beautifies; Bar Carrera Will Open in the VillageXicala is making the best of being next to a construction scene.
  11. NewsFeed
    Purse Snatcher Strikes Terror in Heart of Times Square DinersWe’ve poked fun at Bar Carrera’s intrusive “beware of pickpockets” signage, but the ‘Post’ reminds us they do exist.
  12. Neighborhood Watch
    Ko to Serve Lunch?; Bar Carrera’s Expansion CompleteJosh Hartnett’s party spot and a Q&A with chef Philippe Massoud in today’s neighborhood food news.
  13. Trimmings
    Bar Carrera Happy to Be NYPD Mouthpiece>Bar Carrera exudes impeccable elegance in everything from its prominently displayed ham legs to its napkin dispensers — a touchstone of tapas-bar authenticity. But last night we were dismayed to see these notes from the NYPD dotting the bar and counters. We wouldn’t expect to see such tacky reminders on the outdoor tables of tapas bars in Spain, where street urchins regularly approach tables. Anyone bold enough to, um, pocket these silly things?
  14. Neighborhood Watch
    Bar Carrera Getting Bigger in the East Village; Did We Mention Bar Blanc Is LikeAstoria: Tell Astorya doesn’t seem to be reopening anytime soon. [Joey in Astoria] Clinton Hill: Green Planet has opened with its shelves stocked with vitamins and drink mixes, but some still hope that actual produce could turn up. [Clinton Hill Blog] East Village: The sliver of a Spanish restaurant Bar Carrera is expanding into the space next door. [Eater] Midtown West: South Gate has nifty, hand-held, touch-screen wine lists, which sound similar to the bar-top ones at Adour. [Zagat] West Village: Lucky couples (or specifically, husbands) who scored a table at One If by Land this Thursday will find the food finally on par with the carriage-house setting now that Picholine alum Craig Hopson is manning the beef Wellington and adding his own dishes — like Gruyère gnocchi with wild Burgundy snails — to the menu. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch] Danyelle Freeman labels Bar Blanc “an ambitious restaurant in a laid-back disguise,” almost like a watering hole with restaurant-caliber cooking. [Restaurant Girl] Related: One If by Land Breaks Out a Bar Menu, and Not a Minute Too Soon
  15. The New York Diet
    Novelist Gary Shteyngart Scarfs Lox, Philosophizes Over Spinach Absurdistan author and Lower East Side denizen Gary Shteyngart is 40 pages into a new novel about “a guy who eats really well and wants to live forever.” We’re thinking it’s a bit autobiographical, given what he ate during the days between Friday, September 22 and Wednesday the 27th.