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    New Options for IntoxicationSome new underground, waterside, and warehouse bars.
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    Our Guide to Sangrias That SwingYesterday Boqueria’s Jeff Deisel wrote in to tell us he had made up a batch of strawberry-lemonade sangria by macerating fresh greenmarket berries in sugar and blending in Txocholi (a Basque white wine), house-infused lemon Stoli, fresh-squeezed lemon, and triple sec. Get a $36 pitcher while the gettin’s good. Because that’s just the sort of creativity we know you appreciate when it comes to that revived summer drink, we’ve singled out some other sangrias that go beyond the usual combo of wine, brandy, and triple sec, incorporating everything from pisco to cachaça to beer (the latter being another Boqueria special). Bar Buzz: Sangrias With a Punch