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  1. Video Feed
    Why Yes, Zac Efron Has Eaten Balut“It really wasn’t that bad.”
  2. What to Eat
    A Balut-Eating Contest? Let the Barfing Begin!Can anybody eat more than one of the embryonic-duck-egg delicacy?
  3. Video Feed
    Weird Foods: Eating the Embryonic Duck Eggs Known As BalutJosh Ozersky samples the Filipino delicacy, so you don’t have to.
  4. What to Eat
    How About Some Balut for Brunch?Filipino pop-up Maharlika will be serving the embryonic duck eggs this weekend until they run out.
  5. WTF
    Little Squirt Drinks Big Sis’s Breast Milk, May Get Book Deal“There’s nothing wrong with sampling breast milk,” says a middle schooler who also loves balut.
  6. Ethics of Eating
    Critic A.A. Gill Kills a Baboon, Doesn’t Have the Decency to Eat It“There’s a deep inconsistency between deploring the killing of a baboon while we order another portion of butter chicken or fish fry.”
  7. Closings
    With Elvie’s Gone, Where in the World Will We Get Balut?In search of a ‘Fear Factor’–worthy Filipino delicacy.