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Ballad Of El Gordo

  1. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Sued Over Unpaid Construction at Fat CowThe chef is hit with a $45,000 bill for unpaid construction costs.
  2. Ballad of El Gordo
    Besha Bashes Gordon Ramsay’s Fat CowThe critic is offended by standard mall food at twice the price.
  3. Openings
    Lloyd Opening Tomorrow on East Girard Ave. [UPDATED]The new venture will have a large collection of whiskeys.
  4. Food TV
    Christina Wilson Wins ‘Hell’s Kitchen’The chef trounced the competition and will go on to run Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas.
  5. Booze News
    Fat Cow Going Full-Booze!Gordon Ramsay’s new gastropub at The Grove was approved for a full liquor license this week.
  6. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Sues a Person He’s Already Sued, Who Once Sued HimThis time Kmart is involved!
  7. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Doubling Down in VegasGordon Ramsay Pub & Grill will replace Bradley Ogden at Caesar’s Palace.
  8. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Goes Off the Rails in U.K. InterviewThe chef is surprised to find out how “easy” it is to serve time in England.
  9. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordo Goes Down: Ramsay Injured During Celebrity Soccer MatchThe celebrity chef was taken from the field on a stretcher after being tackled by an old pro.
  10. Mediavore
    Deceased Guido’s Employee Died of Respiratory Infection; City Council FightsEarlier reports suggested the staffer had been shot, then beaten, to death, causing much undue alarm.
  11. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Teaming With Andi Van Willigan on The Fat Cow, Bound for The GroveThe restaurant will serve British pub fare with local produce and house-cured meats.
  12. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordo Gastropub Going to The Grove!The rumored project will replace The Farm of Beverly Hills.
  13. Mediavore
    Ramsay’s Missing Veggie Peeler Sparks Prison Panic; FDA Questions InhalableGordo’s team misplaces a utensil and Brixton Prison goes on lock-down.
  14. Mediavore
    President Obama’s Shark Fin Faux-Pas; Dino’s Burgers Opens in Pico-RiveraTongues wag as The Commander in Chief goes to one of San Francisco’s last restaurant’s serving the banned delicacy.
  15. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay’s Ranting and Raving Pays Off With $6.5 Million Bel-Air PadThe chef chases Botox shots, celebrity slumber parties, and fast cars with the inevitable Bel-Air mansion.
  16. Ballad of El Gordo
    Fremont Steakhouse Still Sad After Gordon Ramsay MakeoverThe ‘Mercury-News’ has weighed in, post-makeover, and the news isn’t good.
  17. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordo Opening Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas, Also Planning Caesar’sDry-aged beef and British pub food will fall under the watch of whoever wins the next season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’
  18. Mediavore
    Jamie Lauren Jumps Vodvil’s Sinking Ship; Gordon Ramsay Opening New Concept inGordo will open a new concept inside of Sin City’s Paris Hotel.
  19. Ballad of El Gordo,
    Kitchen Nightmares? On East Passyunk Ave., It’s More Like ParkingWith parking situation growing increasingly perilous, restaurateurs come up with a way to offset Gordo’s nightmares.
  20. Videofeed
    Watch The Staff at Burger Kitchen Start Beefing on Kitchen NightmaresThe chef and a manager threaten to trade blows, tonight on Kitchen Nightmares.
  21. Ballad of El Gordo
    The LAPD Pulled a Gun on Gordon RamsayNow we’re just sort of starting to feel bad for the guy.
  22. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Rehauls Burger KitchenAfter its exaggerations about black label beef fall flat, the restaurant enlists the help of Kitchen Nightmares.
  23. Mediavore
    Gen Y Picks Chipotle Over Subway; Ramsay Restaurant Evacuated on Opening NightGordo can’t seem to catch a break, as sprinklers ruin the debut of Laurier Gordon Ramsay.
  24. Ballad of El Gordo
    Is Gordon Ramsay Right to Be Angry at Gjelina?Is the Venice restaurant now acting even posher than Posh?
  25. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gjelina Goes On Gordo’s Hit-ListThe chef famous for yelling at people says, “You have to show a touch of sensitivity.”
  26. Ballad of El Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Seeking Solace in Sunny L.A.The foul-mouth chef is renting a Beverly Hills mansion.
  27. Lawsuits
    Gordo Keeps His French Stars Amid LawsuitGordon Ramsay: Never not in hot water.
  28. TV Land
    Hell’s Kitchen Winner Joins LA MarketKerry Simon welcomes Nona Sivley as chef de cuisine at his locavore cafe in Downtown, which should be very different from her last job at Chop’s Lobster Bar in Georgia.
  29. TV Land
    Diners Dash After Being Told to Pick Up the Tab on Kitchen NightmaresWe know hair plugs aren’t free, but charging diners during a taping marks a new low for Gordon Ramsay.
  30. Mediavore
    Political Fast Food Fights Sweep California; Gordon Ramsay Sued By Father-In-LawGavin Newsom might repeal a happy meal ban in NorCal, while lobbyists fight a fast food moratorium in SoCal.
  31. Mediavore
    Scammers Try to Con Restaurants; A Sulking Gordon Ramsay Retreats to The StatesFake health inspectors try to get at private information, while Gordo leaves England following the firing of his father-in-law.
  32. TV Land
    Where to Line Up For More of Gordon Ramsay’s Abuse on MasterChefBring one dish and as much charisma as you can muster for a stern dressing down by Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich.
  33. Rumors
    David Beckham Crushes Gordon Ramsay Pub RumorsDespite the chatter, there are no plans for the two to open The Queen Vic pub in L.A..
  34. Rumors
    Rumors Fly on Ramsay-Beckham Pub ProjectThe reality behind The Queen Vic appears loose at best.
  35. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay Closes in Cape Town; What Hugh Hefner EatsMaze is officially done after less than a year and a half open, while The Playboy publisher enjoys fresh produce.
  36. TV Land
    Kitchen Nightmares Currently Casting L.A.’s Lagging RestaurantsAnd if they don’t step forward, recommendations are being taken.
  37. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay Relives Kitchen Nightmare in Lancaster; Zabumba-Owner’s HusbandA television pizza chef returns and a suspect in a restaurant owner’s death leaves Mexico against authorities’ advice.
  38. Mediavore
    Ramsay Runs Out of Steam in London Marathon; Vietnamese Cajun SpreadsTelevision’s angriest chef exits at mile 20, while New Orleans’ cuisine gets a new spin from non-natives.
  39. Chef Shuffles
    Gordon Ramsay West Hollywood Gets New Exec ChefOpeners Gordon Ramsay and Andy Cook appear to have little to do with the restaurant now.
  40. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay Runs the Marathon; ‘Food Deserts’ Are Targeted for ChangeA celeb chef ran over 26 miles in under four hours while Jewish Groups try to lure better grocers to under-served L.A.
  41. Quote of the Day
    Ramsay Blames Kids and Los Angeles for FaceliftTelevision’s tyrannical toque cites new reasons for rearranging his face.
  42. TV Land
    Where to Watch Gordon Ramsay Scream at a South Bay RestaurantLido di Manhattan will appear on Kitchen Nightmares tonight.
  43. Lawsuits
    London Cleaning Crew Sues Gordon RamsayThe celebrity chef is accused of short-changing another company.
  44. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay’s Mistress Teams with Tiger’s; The Meat House Comes to CaliTwo scandal-ridden ladies join forces to help others while a boutique butcher store comes to O.C. from New England.
  45. Mediavore
    Rachel Ray Rewards Diddy; Gordon Ramsay Loses His Right-Hand-ManA valued assistant leaves the host of Hell’s Kitchen, while California looks to be a major player in the olive oil industry.
  46. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay’s The F-Word Flops; Nestle Says ‘Sorry’ For Pumpkin PieThe outlook is bleak for pumpkin pie and a celeb chef’s latest television show.
  47. Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay Surgically Enhances Face, RestaurantGordon Ramsay updates his laugh lines – and his West Hollywood restaurant.