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Bakesale Betty

  1. Sandwichland
    Bakesale Betty Talks About Putting Family Before Sandwiches; Also, They’ll BeThey couldn’t handle the volume, on top of three kids…
  2. Closings
    Bakesale Betty Shutters Second Location After Two YearsA year after scaling back hours drastically, the owners still say they spread themselves too thin.
  3. Openings
    Ike’s Opens In Oakland, Next to Plum and Bakesale BettyIke’s is also doing a copycat fried-chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty, which they’re calling The Bakesale.
  4. Sandwichland
    Ike’s Place Moves In Next Door to Plum in OaklandThis would be Ike’s fifth Bay Area location.
  5. Back of the House
    Behind the Crazily Fast-Paced Line at Bakesale BettyThey pump out about five of those fried chicken sandwiches per minute.
  6. Hours of Operation
    Worn Out By Their Own Popularity, Bakesale Betty Scales Back HoursNot wanting to close either location just yet, they’re keeping the Uptown location open only on Tuesdays, and the Temescal spot open Wednesday through Saturday.
  7. Sandwichland
    East Bay Sandwich Watch: Bull Testicles at Cato’s, and a Fried TofuHodo actually created a special new tofu for the sandwich that’s brined, called Savory Tofu.
  8. Mediavore
    Black Truffle Farming in Sonoma?; Chef Boyardee’s Granddaughter Has a New
  9. Sandwiches
    Bakesale Betty’s Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe RevealedOnce the subject of the Food Chain, you can now try this at home.
  10. Deals
    Oktoberfest Brings Boudin Blanc Back to CaminoFor a prix fixe of $28-32, enjoy a perfect boudin blanc.
  11. Celebrity Settings
    Amy Sarabi Hearts Bakesale Betty
  12. Interviews
    Daniel Patterson: Casual Plum to Have ‘Coi Lineage’The notoriously “cerebral” chef talks about his upcoming casual concept in Oakland.
  13. Openings
    Scenes From Opening Day at Bakesale Betty, the SequelBakesale Betty 2 arrives today at Broadway and West Grand in Oakland.
  14. Openings
    Bakesale Betty’s Second Location Opens Tomorrow
  15. Empire Building
    Bakesale Betty’s Second Location Arrives in AprilOakland’s Uptown district is about to get a whole lot more tempting for sandwich and baked good fiends.
  16. The Food Chain
    Bakesale Betty’s Alison Barakat Covets Russell Moore’s Boudin Blanc“I basically lied and told Alice [Waters] I knew how to make it, and I spent the next twelve hours figuring it out on my own.”
  17. The Food Chain
    Animal’s Vinny Dotolo Goes Bananas for Bakesale Betty’s FriedThe spicy, jalapeno-laced slaw is what keeps Dotolo coming back for this sandwich.
  18. Lists
    What’s Worth Gourmet’s Money?Gourmet shares the restaurants it feels are worth the money, both on the high and low end.
  19. Alice Waters
    Alice Waters Maps Her Bay Area FavoritesOur patron saint of sustainability shares her haunts, both edible and non.