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  1. Bread or Alive
    French People Turn a Cold Shoulder to Old-School BaguettesConsumption is on the all-around decline, and bread experts fear the worst.
  2. Openings
    Maison Kayser Opening Flatiron Location July 17The Parisian superstar baker hopes to open even more U.S. outlets.
  3. The Future
    Ooh La La: French Bakery Has a Baguette Vending MachineThe future of ATMs should be ABMs (automatic baguette machines).
  4. In the Magazine
    Big-Time Bread Guy Waxes Rhapsodic on BaguettesA couple of weeks ago Steven L. Kaplan, a Cornell University professor of European history and the author of a pile of well-regarded books on the history and appreciation of French bread, breezed into town to rate New York’s best baguettes, the surprising results of which you can find here. After the professor had thoroughly sniffed, squeezed, sawed, and sampled his way through a baker’s dozen of the city’s best, we asked him how a nice boy from Brooklyn became the world’s leading authority on French bread, why the baguette, and the proper way to eat one.