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  1. Badvertising
    Now This Is How You Sell an Adult BeverageDallas BBQ’s Blue Crush is “intoxicating.” It really is.
  2. Badvertising
    Did Taco Bell Turn the ‘Beaver Boys’ Into ‘ShrimpThe new Taco Bell commercial reminds us of something …
  3. Badvertising
    Burritos Beat BillboardAn anti-abortion billboard was taken down in part for the sake of workers at Lupe’s.
  4. Badvertising
    Restaurant Websites: Still Obnoxious!Two sites speak out against Flash-happy restaurant websites.
  5. Badvertising
    Spike Lee’s Latest Joint: The Twenty-Ounce AppletiniA “collaboration” with Dallas BBQ.
  6. Badvertising
    Foodie Follies: ‘I’m a Shrimp Blogger’Taco Bell’s newest ad mocks food bloggers.
  7. Badvertising
    Jennie Garth Is Poised to Make 9,0210 Lettuce PunsKelly Taylor gives lessons on veggies?
  8. Badvertising
    Is Popeye’s Pervy?Is there ‘Little Mermaid’ action hidden in the wall art?
  9. Badvertising
    What Carl’s Jr. Doesn’t Want You to SeeThe burger chain pulled a controversial ad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch it.
  10. Video Feed
    Watch The Chicago Skyline Get Eaten By A Tomato VineA Red Gold ad swathes the Willis Tower in tomatoes.
  11. Badvertising
    Bud Light Takes Over SNLIt’s the “Bad Idea Jeans” of beer!
  12. Badvertising
    Koyaani-snickers-i: Africans Wait for Candy While U.S. Eats All the MeatA controversial Snickers ad and the latest in world eating trends.
  13. Badvertising
    Snapple, Gatorade, and Coke Negged by DOHThe city’s new ad campaign makes us thirsty — for water.
  14. Badvertising
    New Guss’ Ad Is Nothing Short of Pickle PornThe Lower East Side institution gets pervy with pickles.
  15. Badvertising
    Hardee’s Is a Total A-holeThe fast-food chain uses a gross-out technique in a new ad.
  16. Badvertising
    Fun With PunsAnother food-product portmanteau!