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  1. rants
    Kranch Arrives in Stores, and America Teeters on the BrinkNo, thanks!
  2. bad ideas
    Government to E-Cig Companies: Stop Making Vapes That Look Like Junk FoodIt’s the end of the line for Candy King Sour Worms and Vape Heads Sour Smurf Sauce.
  3. bad ideas
    People Are Understandably Horrified by This Shop’s Charles Manson Doughnut“Their creative team needs help.”
  4. bad ideas
    Start-Up Unveils Plan to Eliminate Tipping That Will Definitely WorkIt involves a Yelp-style rating system tied to a blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  5. bad ideas
    Someone Invented Snortable ChocolateCoco Loko is basically marketed as Four Loko for your nose.
  6. bad ideas
    Cops Falsely Accuse Restaurant’s Staff of Singing ‘F**k Tha Police’The owner says everyone involved will be fired.
  7. bad ideas
    New York’s First BrunchCon Was a Drunken HellscapeTrash everywhere, pregnant women pushed, and others left asking where to actually find brunch.
  8. bad ideas
    A Guy Fieri Pub Crawl Will Soon Threaten New York’s StreetsWhy?
  9. bad ideas
    Trump Campaign Takes Brief, Bold Stance Against Food SafetyWhat good has it done anyone?
  10. bad ideas
    McDonald’s Online Create-a-Burger Contest Got Out of Hand Very QuicklyGive the public a chance to name things, and you know it’s going to get gross fast.
  11. Bad Ideas
    Chain Fires Manager for Giving ‘Best Butt’ AwardThe owner tells employees to expect more sexual-harassment training.
  12. Sex Sells
    Food Truck Specializing in Popcorn and Sex Toys Forced to CloseThe owner said he offered food because “you gotta have something afterwards.”
  13. Bad Ideas
    Geraldo Rivera Offers to Take His ‘Demonized’ Pal Donald Trump OutPeople just don’t know the real Trump, apparently.
  14. Bad Ideas
    Starbucks’ CEO Asked Baristas to Be ‘Sensitive’ toHoward Schultz didn’t want people to #FreakOutTogether over Wall Street’s chaos.
  15. Bad Ideas
    Florida Man Sees Zero Danger in His Gun-Range RestaurantCustomers drinking onsite is “no different than them leaving here and going to Outback,” he says.
  16. Bad Ideas
    New York’s Most Reckless Locavores Are Apparently Fishing in the East“I don’t eat farmed fish.”
  17. Bad Ideas
    Colorado Restaurant Owner Will Hold a ‘White Appreciation Day’“Because all Americas should be celebrated!!”
  18. Ill-Advised
    A Chef Scrapped Plans to Serve ‘Thug Rice’ and ChocolateOther items included “blood money sausage.”
  19. Bad Ideas
    This Restaurant Wisely Reconsidered Firing a Worker Who Asked Off for CancerIt’s unclear whether management has apologized, however.
  20. Bad Ideas
    A Restaurant Somehow Thought an Adrian Peterson ‘Spank Your Server’The owner calls it “a bad joke gone awry.”
  21. Awful Things
    Group Reconsiders Plans for a Pop-up That Only Serves Death Row Last MealsIt offered all of the culinary perks “without the nasty execution bit.”
  22. Bad Ideas
    Restaurant Owner Isn’t Sure Why Everyone Hated Her Nazi-Themed Spaghetti“Long Live Nazi Spaghetti” had its share of critics.
  23. Bad Ideas
    A Guy Got a Gordon Ramsay Butt Tattoo With ‘Ramsay’ MisspelledEvery food writer learns early in their career that it’s not spelled “Ramsey.”
  24. Cry Freedom
    Restaurant ‘Apartheid’ Is the Best Way to Control Noisy Kids,“Confining these patrons to separate tables is no longer enough.”
  25. Bad Ideas
    Person Who Organized Nazi-Themed Dinner Says It’s Not That Big a Deal,Wearing SS uniforms is just like people who dress up at Star Trek conventions, he says.
  26. Loss Leaders
    Congressman Says Low-Income Kids Should ‘Sweep Cafeteria Floors’ inGreat, let’s put in an order for a million tiny brooms.
  27. Bad Ideas
    Pharma Company Not Too Excited About Chicago Distillery’sDrink two and call me in the morning (if you don’t get arrested first).
  28. Unsafe at Any Speed
    Approval of Irish Village’s ‘Tipsy Driving’ Plan Drives SomePubs are endangered. So let’s let ‘em bend the rules a little?
  29. The Chain Gang
    Burger Chains Getting a Little Too Arty With Their BunsThey’re painting on logos with edible ink. Ick.
  30. Oreos
    The Chinese Have Rectangular, Gum-Filled OreosStop messing with us, Kraft China.
  31. Bad Ideas
    Racially Heated Bake Sale Planned at UC Berkeley Today [Updated]Discounts for minorities and women!
  32. Bad Ideas
    Prune PR Could Use Some Flushing OutThe next new PR frontier: prunes.
  33. PLCB Shenanigans
    Pennsyltucky Perplexed by Wine KiosksPLCB claims success, but Pennsyltucky residents are unsure.
  34. PLCB Shenanigans
    Critics Agree: PLCB Wine Kiosks Are the Worst Idea EverThe consensus is, the kiosks are likely the stupidest things ever imagined.