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Bad Customers

  1. tips
    Please Don’t Do ThisA tip line is not the place to take an anti-mask stance.
  2. dumb criminals
    World’s Angriest Customer Shoots Taco Bell for Forgetting His Sour CreamLuckily, no one was hurt because he hit bulletproof glass.
  3. Bad Customers
    Woman Calls 911 to Report That Her Pizza Is Short on CheeseAgain, police don’t care if your delivery order is wrong.
  4. Dining While Drunk
    Drunk Man Generously Tips $1,000, Then Begs for It Back the Next DayHe thought he was giving $1 bills, not $100s.
  5. Bad Customers
    ‘Dissatisfied’ Customer Shoots Up Taco Truck With His ShotgunKeep this man away from Chipotle.
  6. Bad Customers
    Livid Woman Calls 911 Over Wrong Pizza Order“That’s not a police matter, ma’am.”
  7. Schadenfood
    65 Percent of Waiters Admit They Make You Wait Longer for Food If You Annoy ThemA study digs into the karma of bad customer etiquette.
  8. Service With a Smile
    Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Who Put Up With Coolatta Bigot Gets SomeAbid Adar never broke a sweat.
  9. Video Feed
    Watch This Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Make Sure She Gets a Free Coolatta“I can’t wait to post this on Facebook as soon as we’re done. Hi, Facebook!”