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Backstage Deli

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    Deliveryman Revolt Continues With No Check in SightThis week’s magazine features a story on deliverymen that’s at once disheartening (as the piece reads, “For $1.75 an hour, they put up with abusive employers, muggers, rain, snow, potholes, car accidents, six-day weeks, and lousy tips”) but also encouraging, since the service-industry bottom-dwellers are starting to rise up. Take, for instance, Javier Cruz, a delivery worker at the Backstage Deli on the Upper East Side. We’ve learned he filed a class-action suit last week after allegedly being paid a daily flat rate of just $16 plus tips (which averaged about $25 per nine-hour day) to bus tables, run food, clean up, and stock shelves. The attorney involved, Justin A. Zeller, tells us this isn’t his most bizarre case.