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Back Of The House

  1. Quote of the Day
    Preeti Mistry Talks Sexism, and Homophobia, in Professional Kitchens“When you don’t look like ‘the boss,’ certain people don’t want to take orders from you.”
  2. Back of the House
    The Food Network Tried to Make Tanya Holland ‘Sassy’; She Refused“I was in the soul kitchen, so they wanted me to act sassy. I’m from suburbia, I’m educated…”
  3. Back of the House
    Daniel Patterson and David Chang Talk Art and Getting Angry in the Kitchen inIn the mag’s latest ‘Chef Rant,’ the two sit down with Claude Bosi and Sat Bains and talk verbal abuse, and whether its necessary.
  4. Back of the House
    Would You Pay $100,000 to Own Zing! Pizza?The pizzeria has healthy toppings, gluten-free options, and it also needs a new owner.
  5. Back of the House
    Line Cooks Get Some Love
  6. Back of the House
    Behind the Crazily Fast-Paced Line at Bakesale BettyThey pump out about five of those fried chicken sandwiches per minute.
  7. Video Feed
    Ravi Kapur Takes Vice.com Out for Korean in the RichmondThey go to To Hyang and then for burgers at Nopa.
  8. Video Feed
    Locanda Chef Anthony Strong Teaches Vice.com About Thai Food, BLTs, and HippieHe takes the gang to Lers Ros, and Suppenkuche.
  9. Back of the House
    Hand-Changing: Eleven Madison Park Maybe Got Sold; Mia Dona Hits the MarketMia Dona is done, for now. And what the heck’s going on at Eleven Madison Park?
  10. Lawsuits
    Taqueria El Balazo Owners Still In Hot Water Over Hiring of IllegalsEl Balazo, with nine locations in the Bay Area, was found to be employing 63 undocumented workers in 2008.
  11. Back of the House
    Traci Des Jardins Reflects on Her Protégés, Enjoys MichaelAmong Des Jardins’s former sous chefs are Richard Reddington, Chris Cosentino, Robbie Lewis, and Douglas Keane.
  12. Back of the House
    Saison Chefs Get New Outfits, Courtesy of Levi’sTheir new chef’s jackets are based on a vintage French one that a Levi’s designer found at the flea market.
  13. Back of the House
    Inovasi Nixes Lunch Service, Plans Intensive Daily Staff TrainingJohn Des Rosiers is hoping to shake up the staff at Inovasi.
  14. Back of the House
    Great Lake Goes Organic, Rolling Out Breakfast Sandwiches SoonGreat Lake is not fooling around.
  15. Empire Building
    Kokonas Hopes to Sell Next’s Reservation SystemNick Kokonas hopes to create a new business.
  16. Back of the House
    A Day In the Life of RuxbinTalk about a long day.
  17. Back of the House
    Derek’s Dogs & Deli Owner in ComaDerek Crumpton fell ill last week.
  18. Back of the House
    How Similar is Davanti Enoteca to Cucina Urbana?Scott Harris responds to accusations that he copied that menu for Davanti Enoteca from a restaurant in San Diego.
  19. Quote of the Day
    Kostow Wants to Keep Things Happy“I have cooked in two- and three-star restaurants in Europe, working for unhappy chefs in unhappy kitchens. So if I am going to be somewhere for 14 hours a day, I want it to be a happy environment…”
  20. Back of the House
    Management Shuffle at Locke-OberThe restaurant gets a business-side shakeup to go with its dining-room renovations.
  21. Chef Shuffle
    Camino Gets a New Pastry ChefRikki Garcia, most recently of the Village Pub and formerly at Brick, moves into the pastry seat.
  22. Back of the House
    Nate Appleman Is Now Making Burritos for Chipotle“I make burritos… that’s what I do.”
  23. Back of the House
    Big Star’s DIY Taco Kit Starts Next WeekGet al pastor for your next office gathering.
  24. Back of the House
    GQ Dissects Alinea’s Fall MenuGQ collects all the inspiration behind Alinea’s fall menu.
  25. Back of the Hosue
    Longman & Eagle to Start Serving BreakfastLongman & Eagle is getting into the breakfast biz.
  26. Back of the House
    Logan Square Kitchen RezonedThe Logan Square Kitchen won’t have to build that parking lot.
  27. Cartography
    Eat Some Late-Night Mexican Using Very High-End Stuff From Benu’s KitchenUsing whatever’s left over when they take their Sunday-Monday break, the porters at Benu will be doing a late-night Mexican stand on Hawthorne Lane.
  28. Back of the House
    Chef Bridget Batson: Humble, Driven, Hates ‘Macho Stuff’ in HerAnother (maybe now the last?) in the series of ‘Behind the Stove’ pieces in the Chron.
  29. Back of the Hosue
    CEO of Harry Caray’s Purchases Sosa’s Corked BatSammy Sosa’s bat will be on display at a couple Harry Caray Restaurants in town.
  30. Back of the House
    Achatz Dishes on Illegal Tonka BeansAlinea was actually visited by the FDA in 2006.
  31. Back of the House
    Swedish-Born Master of Italian Cuisine, Staffan Terje, Once Consulted for TheThe last in the Chron’s ‘Behind the Stove’ series heads to Perbacco.
  32. Back of the House
    Jam Suspends Dinner ServiceJam goes back to the brunch business.
  33. Back of the House
    Will the Logan Square Kitchen Survive?Will the Logan Square Kitchen be able to survive?
  34. Back of the House
    Kith and Kin Adding Tuesday Service SoonKith and Kin is back to being open seven nights a week.
  35. Back of the House
    A Look ‘Behind the Stove’ at The French LaundryThe ‘Chron’ goes deep into the back of the house at the Napa Valley restaurant
  36. Back of the House
    America Discovers “Secret” Thai MenusAdventurous Thai food goes mainstream.
  37. Back of the House
    Tony Maws Reveals His Culinary MuseAww, it’s his grandma!
  38. Back of the House
    Everybody Look at Steve Johnson ‘Cause He’s Sailing on a BoatThe Rendezvous chef owns a houseboat.
  39. Back of the House
    Eataly’s Vegetable Butcher RevealedJennifer Rubell, the CIA-graduate performance artist, will happily trim your artichokes for you.
  40. Behind the Soundbite
    Behind the Soundbite: Moto’s MatrixA look at Moto’s ingenious, proprietary computer system, Matrix.
  41. Back of the House
    Meet A Chef Named SousTime Out profiles the second-in-commands at top restaurants.
  42. Perks
    Land Free Meals at Bouley by Being Employed ThereBouley employees eat free in the dining room.
  43. Back of the House
    Your Field Guide to Rockaway TacoQueens’ favorite taco stand gets a feature on the Selby.
  44. Back of the House
    Todd English Won’t Serve Ranch Dressing Because ‘Everyone Does“I don’t have an issue with ranch dressing. I do things differently.”
  45. Back of the House
    Anita Lo Buys Out Partner at AnnisaJennifer Scism is leaving the restaurant business and moving to Maine.
  46. Back of the House
    Rick Bayless and Crew Go on VacationBayless is closing his restaurants to take his staff on an annual trip to Mexico.
  47. Back of the House
    McDonald’s Trims Lunch Menu and Adds OatmealThe new breakfast option claims to be an attempt to offer healthier options.
  48. Back of the House
    Ron Howard Movie to Shoot at Sepia; Avenues Takes a VacationThe Ron Howard movie will shoot at the trendy restaurant.
  49. Back of the House
    ChicagoStorytelling Examines Felony FranksJournalist gets behind the scenes at Felony Franks.
  50. Back of the House
    Eric Ripert Takes Burger Lessons From McDonald’s“It may sound crazy coming from a French chef, but the inspiration behind this burger is actually McDonald’s and Burger King.”
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