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  1. Let’s Do Brunch
    Ba Begins Brunch in Highland ParkJames Graham’s dishes include traditional and creative French fare.
  2. Coming Soon
    What to Expect at James Graham’s Ba, Opening Soon in Highland ParkAs James Graham’s original Tuscon diner closes, another door opens in Northeast L.A.
  3. Mediavore
    Food Riots Strike Kenya; California Salmon Come BackAfter a three-year forced closure, the California species is again being fished for.
  4. Beef
    Ba’s Jonathan Graham Takes On Highland Park’s Teetotal PartyIs this the return of Carrie Nation or do the neighbors just not understand the requirements of a worthy French meal?
  5. Coming Soon
    A French Bistro Grows in Highland ParkThe neighborhood known for its taco trucks is about to get cassoulets and roasts using daily procured meats.