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    New Report Says Thailand’s Seafood Is Still Being Caught by SlavesHuman Rights Watch calls government regulations little more than a “theatrical exercise.”
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    Police Close Ohio Restaurant After Cop Finds Glass Shards in SandwichOfficials say there’s “no reason” yet to believe the act was intentional.
  3. Awful Things
    Nestlé Addresses Brutal Slavery in Its Seafood Supply ChainThe food giant has outlined how it plans to protect workers.
  4. Awful Things
    A Disabled Applebee’s Cook Worked for Nearly a Year Without PaymentParents of the “tireless worker” say he did 350 hours of free prep work.
  5. Awful Things
    Wendy’s Fired Two Employees for Writing Racist Slurs on a Kids’-Meal“I had to explain to my child what the ‘n’ word means.”
  6. Awful Things
    Whole Foods Is Working to Make Amends After a Guard Attacked a Black CustomerThe company has fired both the guard and the security company.
  7. Awful Things
    Kid Who’s Deathly Allergic to Food Gets the Award for Today’s MostHe’s allergic to literally all the foods and must gets his nutrients from a feeding tube.
  8. Awful Things
    13 Major Takeaways From the Times’ Big Story on Fishing SlaveryConditions are apparently getting worse for workers and the Thai government is doing little to curb the abuse.
  9. Awful Things
    A 5-Year-Old Found a Hidden Camera in a Starbucks BathroomEw.
  10. Video Feed
    There’s Video of a Panera Manager Hitting a Female EmployeeOne witness says that she slapped him and he retaliated.
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    Two Parents Forced Their Daughter to Live in the Woods Because She Ate aAt least they gave her a tent and a flashlight.
  12. Awful Things
    Former White House Chef Walter Scheib Has Been Missing for a Week [Updated]He disappeared while hiking alone in the New Mexico woods.
  13. Awful Things
    A Restaurant Killed a Customer by Serving Him Detergent Instead of WineAn employee reportedly stored the cleaner in a bottle of white wine.
  14. Awful Things
    This Waitress Says She Was Fired Because She Got a MammogramIt “was not a life-or-death situation,” according to management.
  15. Awful Things
    The High Demand for Cashews Is Crippling Harvesters in India and VietnamBad pay and poor working conditions are two of the issues.
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    A Restaurant Owner Allegedly Enslaved His Cook for Three YearsThis happened at Tandoori Grill in Los Angeles.
  17. Awful Things
    Chances Are Disgustingly High That You’ve Eaten Fish Caught by SlavesAn investigation led back to companies like Walmart, Kroger, and Sysco.
  18. Awful Things
    World’s All-Time Worst Customers Dine and Dash, Then Run Over TheirSo much pain over a $45 check.
  19. Awful Things
    ‘Like a Bomb’: An Exploding Food Truck Nearly Destroyed 20 HomesThankfully, there were no injuries, but the Mötley Crüe-themed truck is toast.
  20. Awful Things
    Some Toxic Puffer Fish Liver Sent 5 People to the HospitalFugu strikes again.
  21. Awful Things
    Maraschino Cherry Mogul Commits Suicide During Police RaidCops say he used part of his Red Hook cherry factory as a marijuana grow house.
  22. Awful Things
    Muslim Café Owner Refuses to Remove ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Sign Despite“If I want to support ‘Charlie Hebdo’ I will do it.”
  23. News
    Whole Foods Suspends Workers After Beating Video SurfacesThe incident took place outside the Union Square location.
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    At Least 9 New Year’s Deaths in Japan Were Linked to Choking on MochiAnother 128 people were hospitalized after eating the rice cakes.
  25. Foiemaggedon
    Heston Blumenthal Drops His Foie Gras Supplier After Seeing Alleged MistreatmentThe video posted online did not fit the definition of “a well-run family duck farm.”
  26. Awful Things
    Some Diner Customers Called Their Waiter a Gay Slur on Their ReceiptAnd a manager allegedly apologized to the customers about it.
  27. Awful Things
    A Top Chef Contestant Was Arrested for Domestic ViolenceAaron Grissom made $50,000 bail after allegedly pushing his girlfriend.
  28. Awful Things
    Entire Family Gets Paralyzed After Feasting on Deadly Pufferfish by MistakeFugu is apparently as dangerous as everyone says, and doesn’t have to be served raw and in Japan by a careless sushi chef to mess you up.
  29. Awful Things
    A Man Claims His Golden Corral Chili Contained a Snaggletoothed Rat Head“I was like, ‘Maybe, you know, sometimes you get a hard bean inside.’”
  30. Awful Things
    90 Percent of Female Restaurant Employees Say They’ve Been SexuallyThe co-founder of a nonprofit argues that women are “forced to dress and act certain ways that make them vulnerable to customer, co-worker and manager harassment.”
  31. Animal Cruelty
    Horrific Animal Cruelty Exposed at Farm for Domino’s and Pizza Hut CheeseVideo shows workers punching and shocking cows.
  32. Awful Things
    A Bold Facebook Post Reminds Everyone How Horribly Female Bartenders Get TreatedYes, “misogyny is alive and well” in the service industry.
  33. Awful Things
    Group Reconsiders Plans for a Pop-up That Only Serves Death Row Last MealsIt offered all of the culinary perks “without the nasty execution bit.”
  34. Awful Things
    DiGiorno Co-opted a Domestic-Violence Hashtag on Twitter Last Night to SellIt’s not gone over too well.
  35. Awful Things
    Dairy Queen Served a Chemical-Cleaner-Laced Milkshake to a KidThe tainted drink made the 7-year-old’s mouth start “bubbling.”
  36. The Feeding Tube
    Padma Lakshmi and Top Chef Crew Were Allegedly Threatened While FilmingThe show’s crew didn’t pack their knives and go.
  37. Racism
    Café Owner Told Job Applicant ‘Coffee Culture Is More About WhiteOutraged patrons stormed out in protest.
  38. Awful Things
    A South Korean Restaurant Banned ‘Africans’ Over Nonexistent EbolaThe owner quickly reversed the policy.
  39. Awful Things
    A Restaurant Nearly Killed a Grandmother With Toxic Sweet TeaAn employee mistook lye for sugar.
  40. Awful Things
    Waffle House Employee Shoots an ‘Unruly’ Customer to DeathIt’s the second gun death at an area Waffle House in two weeks.
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    Guardian Says Shrimp Sold at Walmart and Costco Comes From Slave LaborA ‘Guardian’ investigation ties shrimp at several major retailers to fishmeal produced on Thai slave ships.
  42. Sugar Fix
    George Zimmerman Loading Up on Junk Food in JailHe’s getting his fix from Jolly Ranchers and root beer.