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  1. Expansions
    Alinea Team Will Add New Chicago Restaurant to Their PortfolioAchatz plots another in the “hottest restaurant neighborhood in the country.”
  2. Vamonos
    Grant Achatz Will Cook at Empellón Cocina Next MonthGet ready to push.
  3. Ramen
    Are These the Six Best Ramen Shops in the Country?A noodle obsessive spills the broth.
  4. Video Feed
    Video: How The Ice Guy Makes Ice at The AviaryIt’s about five minutes, and it’s very pretty.
  5. Coming Soon
    Grant Achatz ‘Aggressively Pursuing’ NYC Location for Second AviaryThe Chicago chef is scouting locations for his popular, boundary-pushing cocktail bar.
  6. Lists
    GQ Likes One Chicago Bar For ‘New Wave Cocktails’Specifically, the Aviary.
  7. New Year’s Eve
    The $3,000 Next Dinner Reservation Does ExistThe mythical $3,000 Next kitchen table becomes a reality on New Year’s Eve.
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    The Southern Mac & Cheese Store Coming Soon to Loop; Two-Alarm Fire Reported atPlus: Aviary is hiring, and Schweddy Balls comes to Chicago.
  9. The Other Critics
    ‘Inconsistencies’ Trip Up Perennial Virant for Tamarkin; Ruby Intoxicated byPlus: The New York Times checks in with iNG.
  10. Preview
    TOC Offers First Preview Next’s Thai TransformationJust a drink, but still pretty cool to see what Next is up to.
  11. Booze News
    What Are the Rules for Reviewing Bars? Chicago Critics DiscussWhat do critics think about reviewing bars and cocktail lounges?
  12. The Other Critics
    Tamarkin Ponders the Experience of Aviary; Arnett Checks Out Perennial VirantPlus: Kramer pans the Bridge House Tavern.
  13. The Other Critics
    Sula Releases First Review of The AviaryThe first official review of The Aviary is in.
  14. Booze News
    Aviary Offers Old Rip Van Winkle Flight, More Tastings to FollowAviary will be introducing more flights soon.
  15. Booze News
    The Aviary Now Taking ReservationsA new e-mail raffle should help you get a spot at The Aviary.
  16. Video Feed
    What to Drink and Eat at Aviary, Now OpenThe lines for Aviary were long on the first day.
  17. Openings
    Aviary Opening Tomorrow in West Loop, When Will You Get in Line?It’s about time.
  18. Lists
    Will Haute Living Be the Last Publication to Praise an Unopened AchatzWe’re kind of sad about this.
  19. Achatz Update
    The Grant Achatz Video Update; Plus Bloomberg Reviews NextPlus: Ozersky wants to eat at Next, but he doesn’t like that it costs so much.
  20. Booze News
    Does Aviary Only Exist for Press Previews?It may be fun to write about Aviary, but we get a little thirsty.
  21. Coming Soon
    Aviary Opening ‘Likely’ Next WeekAviary won’t be opening this week.
  22. Openings
    Aviary’s Revised Opening, Next E-mails, and Comparing Achatz to MichaelAll the news that’s fit to read about Next and Aviary.
  23. Coming Soon
    Aviary Set to Open on April 13Aviary will be the news story next week.
  24. Coming Soon
    Next Set To Open April 6Are you ready for the most anticipated restaurant of the year?
  25. Coming Soon
    Aviary Not Opening on April 1No news about when that date actually will be.
  26. Interviews
    Doritos, Guns ‘n Roses, and Seduction: Maxim’s Incredible AchatzMaxim helps Grant Achatz open up about his favorite music.
  27. Food Writing
    Avec’s Return, Aviary’s Cocktails, and How to Cook Fish Eyes: The
  28. Lists
    Unopened Aviary Makes Food & Wine’s List of Best New BarsAnother unopened Achatz project gets some love.
  29. Booze You Can Use
    Check Out the Crazy Cocktailware at Achatz’s New BarDid we just hear the words “truffle” and “Negroni” together?
  30. Booze News
    TOC Gets First Sip of Aviary CocktailsA little peek at what you’ll be able to drink at Aviary.
  31. Interviews
    Coffee, With Grant Achatz“We’re hyperconscious of the fact that the public perception comes from a place of wanting us to fail. You have to worry. You have to keep pushing forward.”
  32. Menu Development
    Grant Achatz Confirms Next Will Turn Into a Futuristic Thai RestaurantSays the restaurant will take on the cuisine of “Bangkok, 2060.”
  33. Coming Soon
    High Tech Bars, Duck Presses, and Construction: Your Grant Achatz UpdateAchatz released loads of pictures and videos this weekend.
  34. Coming Soon
    Wait…There’s Another Grant Achatz Bar?It’s probably good that we haven’t heard about this place until now.
  35. Coming Soon
    Ten Facts From the Times and Tribune Grant Achatz ProfilesThe chef receives two long profiles on the same day.
  36. Coming Soon
    Perhaps You Should Subscribe to Next Right NowIt’s almost time to buy some tickets.
  37. Video Feed
    Aviary Previews the Carbonated Negroni and Moscow Mule with Lemongrass Swizzle
  38. Quote of the Day
    Want to Work at Aviary?Get those job applications in now!
  39. Coming Soon
    More Details on Ing and the Dining Designation of the WorldCantu reveals more details about Ing.
  40. Lists
    Bon App Maybe Sort of Jumps the Gun a Little (Updated)Bon Appetit names Next — scheduled to open next February — as one of the best restaurants in the country.
  41. Hiring
    Want to Work at Next? Send In Your Resume NowThe most anticipated restaurant of the year is ready hire.
  42. Quote of the Day
    Achatz Wants Aviary to Be ReviewedAchatz thinks cocktails should have critics, too.
  43. Hiring
    Aviary Ready to HireAviary is already looking to hire.
  44. Interviews
    Bartenders Discuss Aviary and a World Without BartendersSome of the best bartenders in Chicago discuss the potential impact of Grant Achatz’s Aviary.
  45. Video Feed
    Aviary Ages Its CocktailsAviary is back at it with a video about aging cocktails.
  46. Video Feed
    Aviary’s Old Fashioned in Frozen Egg FormThe Old Fashioned gets a modern makeover.
  47. Construction
    A Look Inside Next and AviaryGrant Achatz just posted some pictures of the construction process.
  48. Interview
    Nick Kokonas Details the Beginning of NextNick Kokonas dishes on the beginning of Next.
  49. Quote of the Day
    Want to Work for Grant Achatz?Because Twitter is easier and cheaper than the paper.
  50. What to Drink
    Shocktails: Snow-Cube Margarita and Liquid-Nitrogen PainkillerFerran Adrià and Grant Achatz have fun with cocktails.
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