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  1. grub guides
    Here Are the NYC Restaurants Raising Money for AustraliaWhere to eat and drink to help the people of Australia.
  2. news you can booze
    Scientists Say They’re Months From Developing the First-Ever Space BeerAn Australian company has devised a bottle you can crack open in zero gravity.
  3. the chain gang
    Get Ready for McWagyuMcDonald’s unleashes a (slightly) fancy new burger in Australia.
  4. drinks
    You Can’t Unsee This Margarita Garnished With a Pig EyeballYou may not feel compelled to order another round.
  5. spread thin
    Even Australians Wish Vegemite Ice Pops Weren’t RealThe spread-maker gave Aussies a special recipe to kick off their summer.
  6. a real hangup
    Restaurant Gets Predictable Backlash After Hanging Taxidermy Cow From CeilingIt’s meant to “contradict our programmed perceptions of a dairy cow.”
  7. surcharges
    This Restaurant Added an 18 Percent ‘Man Tax’ to Offset the Wage GapIt’s to make men “stop and question their privilege a little bit.”
  8. news you can booze
    Airline Passenger Checks Single Can of Beer As His Only Piece of LuggageThis guy packs only the necessary stuff when flying.
  9. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is Using Classical Music to Calm Drunk CustomersA little Bach apparently encourages everybody to chill the eff out.
  10. dumb trends
    Oy, People Are Putting Lattes Inside of AvocadosA café’s joke inadvertently started a trend.
  11. the chain gang
    You Can Now Apply to Work at McDonald’s Via SnapchatIn Australia, social media is the new résumé, it seems.
  12. terrible customers
    World’s Dumbest Dine-and-Dasher Runs Into Ocean to Avoid Paying Restaurant BillThe police had to arrest him on Jet Skis.
  13. food police
    School Sends Kid Home With Note Shaming Mom’s Homemade Chocolate Cake“Your child has chocolate slice from the Red Food category,” it warned.
  14. food fight
    A Major Reservation Service Keeps a ‘No Show’ BlacklistAnd it’s apparently working.
  15. Ownership of Vegemite Rightfully Returns to Only Country That Considers It FoodBega Cheese, another maker of questionable spreads, has bought it from Mondelez.
  16. crime scene
    Some Grinch Stole $21,000 Worth of Christmas Seafood From a RestaurantPolice are still looking for him.
  17. just desserts
    Chef Rants on Facebook to Defend a Restaurant’s $25 Cake-Cutting Fee“You want free cake cutting then go to your mumma’s house.”
  18. lawsuits
    Lawyer Who Waited a Year for Pizza Refund Wins $900 From Domino’s“I took the extreme step of going to court.”
  19. things that might kill you
    Someone’s Selling Coffee With Half the Lethal Dose of CaffeineThe “Ass Kicker” is 25 times more potent than normal black coffee.
  20. flying the coop
    Semitruck Spills Hundreds of Live Chickens on Doorstep of KFCThe whole mishap was captured by a vegan passing by.
  21. stunt burgers
    Here’s a New Burger With an Actual Shot of Bourbon Stuck in the MiddleAnd there’s lots of bacon.
  22. The Chain Gang
    Domino’s Is Building an Oven That Cooks Pizza in 3 MinutesThe chain claims the future will be oven-to-door service in ten minutes.
  23. Takedowns
    Restaurant Critics Fired for Fabricating ReviewThey failed to meet “clear editorial standards.”
  24. Takedowns
    Critics Accused of Skipping the Bill, Then Lying in Their ReviewThe journalists for Australia’s Sunday Times call the charges “personal attacks.”
  25. Too Late
    Noma’s Sydney Pop-up Sold Out in Under Two MinutesHigh demand for green ants and crocodile fat.
  26. Desserts Gone Wrong
    This Chicken-Topped Milkshake Should Be the Final Word in This Extreme-FoodA food photographer has taken the trend to its grotesque conclusion.
  27. News You Can Booze
    You Can Turn Vegemite Into MoonshineThe Australian government is not happy about it.
  28. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Goes Low-Carb With Lettuce BurgersThey’re only available in Australia … for now.
  29. Enfants Terribles
    Child-Banning Restaurant Says Business Is Better Than EverThree weeks after booting the under-7 crowd, it says it’s seeing record sales.
  30. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Already Testing ‘Gourmet Breakfast’That was fast.
  31. Dessert Destruction
    World’s ‘Most Instagrammable Milkshakes’ Just Look Kind ofPeople need to stop destroying perfectly good food.
  32. Rants
    David Chang Says Australians ‘F*ck Up Burgers More Than Anyone Else’“Australians: I love your country and I love your food, even if your burgers are mostly terrible.”
  33. The Chain Gang
    Pizza Hut Shoved 8 Meat Pies Into Its CrustThe new item is only available in Australia, though.
  34. Video Feed
    Watch Australia’s Most Celebrated Chef Talk Sustainable FishingChef’s Table debuts on Netflix on Sunday.
  35. No Bones About It
    A New Paleo Cookbook for Kids Is on Hold After Officials Warn Its Recipes CouldPlease don’t give your little ones bone broth instead of formula.
  36. Noodle Bandits
    A Vietnamese Café Shamelessly Posted a Rival’s Pho Pics As Its OwnThey didn’t feel like using their noodles.
  37. Hackers
    A Lot of Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck Pop-up Seats Are Going to ScammersThe chef has a Taylor Swift-size scalping problem.
  38. Beef
    A Burger Shop Mocked a Vegan Customer Online and Compared Her to a NaziThe restaurant now has more than 1,000 negative reviews
  39. Enfants Terribles
    Café Owner Infuriates Parents by Banning Kids Who ‘Run Rampant’“The short answer is No, we are not child friendly.”
  40. Racism
    Café Owner Told Job Applicant ‘Coffee Culture Is More About WhiteOutraged patrons stormed out in protest.
  41. Grub Guides
    The New Wave of Light, Beachy New York City CafésTwo Hands, Bluestone Lane, and Brunswick.
  42. Cry Freedom
    Restaurant ‘Apartheid’ Is the Best Way to Control Noisy Kids,“Confining these patrons to separate tables is no longer enough.”
  43. Lawsuits
    Restaurant Owners Win $600K for Food Critic’s Mean ReviewThey say they had to close after being deemed “a bleak spot on the culinary landscape.”
  44. Funny Business
    Restaurants Now Google Customers for All Kinds of Nefarious Purposes“A customer that is rude, obnoxious, complains, and doesn’t tip should be noted.”
  45. Planned Service Changes
    Heston Blumenthal Opening Restaurant in AustraliaAustralia is getting a one-two punch of the chef’s restaurants.
  46. Fat Ducktales
    Heston Blumenthal Made a Nice Little Australian Café Change Its NameFrom now on, it’ll be called the Loose Goose.
  47. Heston By Heston
    Heston Blumenthal Hints at Opening a Restaurant in Australia“When you go back to Europe it is all about snobbery,” he says, so there’s that.
  48. Video Feed
    Here’s a Video of Brad Pitt Trying Vegemite for the First TimeHe just smiled, and didn’t wait for bread to make a Vegemite sandwich.
  49. Junk
    Israel and Australia Are Over Junk FoodLabels and taxes on the way.
  50. Crises
    Vegemite’s Sales StinkThe notorious Aussie spread is not as popular with new generations.
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