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  1. sales
    The Most Interesting Items From Anthony Bourdain’s Estate AuctionGifts from other notable chefs, a signed Simpsons script, and a knife that’ll set most people back a few years on rent.
  2. for sale
    Anthony Bourdain’s Possessions Will Be Auctioned Off Next MonthThe auction will benefit his family and a scholarship set up in his name at the Culinary Institute of America.
  3. going once twice sold
    Someone Paid $10,000 for a Set of Four Seasons AshtraysOther outrageous buys included $7,000 for bread baskets and $30,000 for chairs with “assorted surface scratches.”
  4. Sink Your Teeth In
    The World’s Most Expensive Cracker Just Sold for $23,000It survived the sinking of the Titanic.
  5. Truffle Shuffle
    ‘World’s Largest’ Truffle Will Be Auctioned in New York CityThe starting bid will be $60,000.
  6. Good Cookies
    Someone Paid $6,500 for a Box of Dominique Ansel’s Cookie ShotsThe price included a shot with the baker himself.
  7. Auctions
    Pastis’s Kitchen Equipment Goes Up for Auction TodaySeveral pieces of history are up for grabs.
  8. Stiff Drinks
    Whisky From SS Politician Shipwreck Up for AuctionJust don’t drink it.
  9. Opening Bid
    Cronut Box Wears a Wig for a Good CauseExcuse me, but there are several hairs on my cronut.
  10. Charlie Trotter Watch
    Try It Again, Charlie: Trotter to Auction Restaurant Contents OnlineCharlie Trotter will really, truly, finally auction off his restaurant.
  11. Good Stuff
    Bid on This Dinner With Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario Batali for Your Own GoodWhat would you guys even talk about?
  12. Wakes
    Take Home a Little Piece of 2010The Kenmare is on the auction block today.
  13. Going Once
    Chinatown Brasserie on the Auction BlockGet your Asian plates today at 3 p.m.
  14. For Sale
    Asia de Cuba Up for AuctionIn case you’re feeling sentimental about it closing.
  15. Mediavore
    Pier at Caesar’s Goes Up For Auction; Binge Drinking For the Ladies Is OnPlus: New Girl Scout cookies-flavored lip gloss simulates what it’s like to kiss a schoolgirl; and Jamba Juice and Jack in the Box test out Google Wallet, all in our morning news roundup.
  16. Memorabilia
    Elaine’s Auction Raises $400,000Table No. 1 alone fetched $8,750.
  17. Closings
    A Little Piece of Café Charbon Could Be YoursThe new bar could be called Sick Liver, or something.
  18. Mediavore
    Ocean City Restaurateurs Fight For BYOB Rights; Bernie Madoff’s WinePlus: Ohio considers a bill that would allow gun owners to carry concealed weapons in restaurants; and a Coca-Cola delivery truck crashes into an elementary school, all in our morning news roundup.
  19. Mediavore
    Bidders Line Up For Bankrupt Steakhouse Chain; Countries Test Food Exports FromPlus: Celebrate pi day with some pie; and get ready for fondue’s revival, all in our morning news roundup.
  20. Closings
    Thai on Two Is Going Once, Going TwiceThe latest restaurant auction.
  21. Financial Woes
    The Tavern on the Green Auction: By the NumbersHow much did Tavern on the Green’s yard sale fetch last week?
  22. Lawsuits
    Backroom Sale Keeps Chestnut Room in City’s HandsAfter negotiations with Tavern on the Green, wood paneling worth $500,000 stays in the city’s hands.
  23. For Sale
    Tavern on the Green Auction ContinuesItems are going cheap. Plus, images from the scene.
  24. Auctions
    Plan Your Bidding Strategy for the Tavern on the Green AuctionThe public can preview all of the restaurant’s contents before next week’s auction.
  25. Closings
    Window Shop at Tavern on the GreenTake a video tour of the space before it gets auctioned.
  26. Back of the House
    Bid to Be Homaro Cantu For a DayThe Chicago Law Foundation’s annual auction includes the chance to work in the kitchen at Moto.
  27. Reservation Lines
    Eat at Rao’s, Feed the HungryHard-to-get-into Rao’s has donated a table for four to charity.
  28. Empire Building
    Will Tavern on the Green Move to Brooklyn?The Central Park icon could reinvent itself as a hotel, too.
  29. Foodievents
    Tavern on the Green Will Not Go Quietly on New Year’sDetails of the troubled restaurant’s last bash have been released.
  30. For Sale
    Own a Piece of Tavern on the GreenThe restaurant’s fixtures are to be auctioned off.
  31. Closings
    Bid on Café des ArtistesSorry, you can’t have the Howard Chandler Christy murals.
  32. Sweet News
    Last of the Tim TamsPepperidge Farm is auction off the last U.S.-based case for charity.
  33. NewsFeed
    Ko Seats Go for Almost $3,000Should auctions be a regular thing?
  34. House Mix
    At Momofuku Ssäm It’s AC/DC 24/7A while back David Chang told Eater that his new fourteen-seater won’t be a fine-dining restaurant, though a recent Craigslist ad recruiting cooks says “prior fine-dining experience is preferred.” Whatever Momofuku Ko turns out to be, we can’t imagine Vivaldi will be playing in the dining room — it’s not like critics have been turned off by the steady diet of AC/DC that we heard during a recent stop-in at Momofuku Ssäm.
  35. NewsFeed
    Adam Perry Lang Seeks to Create the Perfect Beef Animal In the meat business, sourcing is the ultimate boast: It’s not enough to claim your meat is “prime,” when any meathead worth his cholesterol knows how promiscuously that once-proud term is thrown around. No, today’s steakhouse has to have boutique sources or, even better, their own prize bull, as at Primehouse NY. But no meat man has a more obsessive take on quality than Adam Perry Lang. The Robert’s and Daisy May chef tells us that he’s currently in the process of researching what will be his own beef program in Montana. “It’s so important to understand it, to be able to control what’s happening. I want to say that I’m doing everything I can to get it where I want it. I want to raise beef the right way. I want to know I’m doing the right thing.”