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  1. At the Movies
    Michael Voltaggio Goes to the MoviesThe chef will be the artist in residence for a talk with Evan Kleiman at a screening of Dinner Rush.
  2. At The Movies
    The Avengers Has Been Really Good for Shawarma SalesRo Ro’s Chicken reports an 80% spike in sales after appearing in the Marvel film.
  3. At the Movies
    Nitehawk Cinema Kicks Off In-Theater Boozing TonightWith a cocktail designed especially for ‘The Rum Diary’ by PDT’s Jim Meehan.
  4. At the Movies
    Anne Hathaway’s Reps Deny Ruth Reichl Casting ReportThey say she isn’t set to play the famous writer and restaurant critic.
  5. At the Movies
    Florent: Queen of the Meat Market Hits TheatersLogan Hill reviews the documentary on Florent Morellet.
  6. At the Movies
    What’s This Squeezable Bacon Charlie Sheen Is Talking About Now?Blump’s Squeezable Bacon: Is it real?
  7. At the Movies
    Boardwalk Empire Revives Gage & TollnerPlus: a look back at restaurants in movies.
  8. At the Movies
    Watch the Rise, Fall, and Rise of Paul Liebrandt in A MouthfulA documentary on the Corton chef, eight years in the making.
  9. At the Movies
    Batali and Meyer Are at the MoviesA twelve-years-in-the-making documentary about Mr. Hospitality’s restaurant empire.
  10. At the Movies
    Aasif Mandvi’s Fictional Restaurant Tonight, Helmant Mathur’s RealThe state of Indian cuisine in America.
  11. At the Movies
    Tom Colicchio: Rock Star; Mario Batali: Movie StarPlus, the beginnings of a violent foodie trend?
  12. At the Movies
    Watch a Trailer for Aasif Mandvi’s Masala Film, Today’sIt was filmed in Jackson Heights, Queens.
  13. At the Movies
    Saving Willie Mae’sA documentary about the rebuilding of a New Orleans institution gets us a little weepy.
  14. At the Movies
    Relish Lives! (on the Big Screen, Anyway)‘Going the Distance’ offers one last look inside the shuttered diner.
  15. At the Movies
    Mario Batali Makes His Indie-Horror DebutFood bloggers get the ‘Misery’ treatment in ‘Bitter Feast.’
  16. At the Movies
    Florent Won’t Be Coming BackSpeaking about a new documentary, Florent Morellet lays hope to rest.
  17. At the Movies
    Bill Buford Thinks Philip Seymour Hoffman Is ‘the Only Guy’ to PlayPlus: Batali’s two new TV projects might get him behind the stove again.
  18. At the Movies
    Wolfgang Puck Gets SmurfedHe’ll be a voice in the upcoming Smurfs movie.
  19. At the Movies
    Free Admission to Food, Inc.Catch it now on PBS.
  20. Mediavore
    Sony Pictures CEO Wants Healthy Movie Food; LaBrea Bakery Prepares GrilledNancy Silverton expands her grilled cheese day to a whole month and a studio honcho pleas for granola alongside his popcorn.
  21. At the Movies
    Daily Show’s Aasif Mandvi Takes Jackson Heights to HollywoodHe stars in a new film, ‘Today’s Special.’
  22. Alice’s Restaurant
    Alice in Wonderland Meets Royal/TA Lewis Carroll-themed tea set is being sold in Culver City.
  23. At the Movies
    Also Not Happening at Alinea: A DocumentaryThe R.J. Cutler-helmed documentary has been scrapped in favor of the feature film.
  24. At the Movies
    Fenton’s Finds Fame and Sales in Up CameoAn Oscar nomination should be good for ice cream sales.
  25. At the Movies
    Upper East Side Restaurant Inspires Unappetizing MovieThe Slammin’ Salmon is the latest restaurant comedy.
  26. At The Movies
    Achatz Biopic To Star Tobey Maguire?The Grant Achatz biopic is rumored to star Toby Maguire.
  27. At the Movies
    Batali Continues to Beef Up His Acting RésuméHe’ll play a restaurateur in a dark comedic thriller.
  28. At the Movies
    Mario in the MoviesBatali will lend his voice to Wes Anderson’s next film.
  29. At the Movies
    Knishes on the Big ScreenYonah Schimmel makes a cameo in the new Woody Allen flick.
  30. At the Movies
    Meryl Streep Hams It Up As Julia ChildThe trailer for Nora Ephron’s ‘Julie & Julia.’
  31. At the Movies
    Still Waiting…The sequel to ‘Waiting’ (the restaurant-world equivalent of ‘Clerks’) comes out as a straight-to-DVD release today.