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  1. At the Market
    A Whole Bunch of GrapesNew York State grapes are in at the Greenmarket.
  2. At the Market
    Watermelons, Watermelons EverywhereCool, slurpable melons in a variety of colors show up at the Greenmarket this week.
  3. At The Market
    Plan Your Farmers’ Market SeasonYour guide to fresh produce, complete with a calendar.
  4. Trends
    New Organic Sausage Food Truck to Debut This Weekend at Headhouse SquareRenaissance Sausage food truck will serve locally sourced, organic sausage sandwiches at Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market.
  5. Mediavore
    Fast Food Compost Fail; Grocery Stores Getting Desperate
  6. At The Market
    Farm to Restaurant: Meet the MutsuFollow an apple from the farm to the restaurant table.
  7. Mediavore
    Tipping Guidelines Outlined; Exotic Species To Market
  8. At The Market
    Farmers’ Markets Go DigitalMany New England farmers’ markets are beefing up their digital presences.
  9. Videofeed
    Even Bourdain Can’t Hate SF Farmers’ MarketTony Bourdain enjoys cheese, olive oil, and tamales at Ferry Plaza market.
  10. At The Market
    Animal Rights Activists Take On Farmers’ Market Live PoultryPetition calls for the city to prosecute live poultry sellers.
  11. At the Market
    New Vendors at Fulton Stall MarketFort Greene Flea regular Dancing Ewe comes to the Seaport.
  12. At the Market
    Brooklyn Flea Settles Under the Bridge on SundayWith lobster rolls and Stumptown coffee in tow!
  13. At the Market
    Greenmarket Returns to Union Square’s North SideConstruction is almost complete.
  14. At the Market
    Upper East Gets an Earth Day Farmers’ MarketRouge Tomate lures local farmers to Barneys’ turf.
  15. At the Market
    Opening Day for New Amsterdam MarketLocal vendors return to the South Street Seaport.
  16. At the Market
    What to Do With Emu Eggs?You can find the big suckers at Whole Foods, but what do you do with them?
  17. At the Market
    Fancy Food Show Brings Colonial Fruit Drinks and Our Old Friend Kulfi We took a break from our regularly scheduled Greenmarket food fest to hike through acres of fancy foods from the world over at last week’s Fancy Food Show. Over 2,000 displays filled the Javits Center with everything from antifreeze-green Chilean avocado oil to Brooklyn-made gummy bears that were actually the size of honey bears. To avoid going into fancy-food shock, we honed in on the (often overlapping) new and organic/natural categories. Here’s highlights, all currently available in the city.
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    For Chef-Worthy Ingredients, Head to the Source Chefs are always going on about the importance of raw ingredients. Get in on the action by shopping at restaurants with gourmet markets attached.
  19. At the Market
    Hydro Tomatoes Materialize; Peaches Go Space Age Spring begins this week; may we recommend a fresh start after your winter rut of bananas and grapefruits?
  20. At the Market
    Spring Forward With Daffodils, Branch Out with Different BananasNow that we’ve set the clocks ahead, our minds turn to tender dandelion greens and slender ramps, but until the local growing season gets under way, we’ll have to bide time with forced bulbs and unusual bananas.
  21. At the Market
    Cute! Kiwiberries and Other Fresh ‘Babies’ In a culture that prizes youth, it’s no surprise that we’ll pay twice as much for a half-size fruit or vegetable if it’s called a “baby.” But are those Lilliputian Brussels sprouts and their ilk actually young? And do they have a special taste?
  22. At the Market
    Greenhouse Rhubarb and Spring Garlic Give a Taste of the GreenmarketLent, which began last Wednesday, owes its name to the Germanic root for spring. Though local peas and asparagus are at least 40 days off, other signs of spring are sprouting.
  23. At the Market
    Chicken Soup for the House-Bound SoulRight now there are two kinds of New Yorkers: those with a cold, flu, cough, sniffle, ache, or fever, and those trying to ward off everyone else’s germs. Our advice: Stay close to home, and let the chicken soup and orange juice come to you.
  24. At the Market
    Red Rice, Pink Beer; Ruby Grapefruits to Share, Cure ColdsWhen it comes to Valentine’s Day, lovers cannot live on chocolate alone — there’s also the obligatory pink-food category! Unlike conversation hearts and wax lips, the following rose-hued delectables are all delicious enough to seek out more than once a year.
  25. At the Market
    The Australians Are Coming; Minneolas Hit Maximum Flavor At Taste of Australia, a recent tradeshow held downtown, tanned Aussies showcased products including excellent olive oils and novelties like bush-cherry salsa — and served as a reminder that there is sun somewhere. What to Look For Mild, buttery, and stable enough to withstand frying, pale gold cold-pressed Australian macadamia-nut oil seems ready for its moment in the gourmet sun ($9.99 per 8.5-ounce bottle at Whole Foods).
  26. At the Market
    Summer Cheeses Ripen, and Hot Cocoa Combats the ColdWinter weather that keeps you inside has finally arrived. Venture out for supplies, then crank the oven and provision yourself to hibernate.
  27. At the Market
    Big California Freeze Means Shoppers Will Have to Think CreativelyAs a result of temperatures that plummeted below freezing across California last week, citrus prices will skyrocket and there will be fewer strawberries and greens. We recommend that you visit ethnic markets for unusual treats and look out for local produce, which has benefited from the mild weather we’ve experienced. There’s also an abundance of tropical fruits.
  28. At the Market
    Sour Cherry Stomp Is An Uncut Jolt to the Brain Fresh on gourmet shelves: Cara Cara navel oranges at their peak, mahogany-colored rice from the Camargue, and Crimson grapes from Chile. What to Look For Cara cara navel oranges are orange outside, pink in. They’re reaching their peak now, boasting sweet juice that has hints of raspberries and strawberries (widely available — look for the blue Cecelia packing sticker and choose fruit that feel heavy). Among the most delectable of the many red rices proliferating on market shelves: mahogany-colored rice from the French Camargue, with a jasmine fragrance, caviar-like pop, and savory, buttery flavor; and wine-black Colusari rice from India, which is chewy and fruity with a whiff of cardamom (Colusari rice is $4.99 per pound and Camarguese rice is $6.99 per pound, both at Kalustyan’s).
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    Frost-Kissed Artichokes and Vitamin D-Infused Maine Shrimp Brightening the Bypass the discounted Christmas candy aisle and head for the brightly colored rows of citrus and tropical fruits, which are getting sweeter by the week.
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    Ingredients to Help You Keep Those Resolutions With the cookies and cocktails of 2006 behind us, whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables finally get their due.
  31. At the Market
    Tasmanian Christmas Honey Arrives, Old-Fashioned Bonbons Stage a ComebackFor eleventh-hour holiday shoppers, gourmet markets, with their late hours and wide variety, are a godsend. Bundle imported fancy foods — from French pear cider to Spanish Marcona almonds — with cheeses, exotic fruits, and artisanal baked goods for a gift that needs no apology.
  32. At the Market
    Pomegranates Hit Their Stride, Longans Hit the Streets As the holidays get under way, rich, warming foods are of course de rigueur, as is their refreshing counterpoint: imported sunshine in the form of citrus and tropical fruit.
  33. At the Market
    Pumpkin Gnocchi and Persimmons Herald Another Season of Great EatingIt’s time for cherry-picking in Chile, chestnut-roasting in Italy, and — what else? — specialty-food-hunting in New York. Welcome to the first installment of the new weekly column “At the Market,” where we scour gourmet stores for the seasonal, exotic, and obscure ingredients of the moment.