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  1. Horrible People
    Bad Behavior: Per Se and Empellón Tackle Tacky CustomersDon’t have sex in the bathroom, and please don’t throw up in the dining room.
  2. Hiring Practices
    Hey, Did You Know Servers Get Hired for Their Looks?Especially at Pulino’s and Coffee Shop.
  3. Ask a Waiter
    John Dory Bartender Alexis Sarandon Catches Customers Staring“All of us are in awe of the number of little cans and fish and trinkets that [Ken Friedman] finds.”
  4. Ask a Waiter
    Sweetiepie’s J.P. Behar Likes Pairing Hot Dogs With Pricey Tequila“This past Sunday, a princess from Saudi Arabia came in.”
  5. Ask a Waiter
    Tomasz Chrzaszcz Explores New Flavors With Pichet Ong at P*ong‘Pichet usually explains a lot of things about the food when I’m trying to make cocktails.’
  6. Ask a Waiter
    Tall Black Girls’ Julie Black Encourages You to Buy Her Shots at Motor’It’s pretty common that … some band, if they play at Bowery, will do guest-D.J. spots at Motor City.’
  7. Ask a Waiter
    Golden Unicorn’s Sam Chen Expects a Crazy Chinese New Year’Some old dishes will never change … spring rolls, shrimp dumplings, pork shumai. Old-style.’
  8. Ask a Waiter
    Convivio’s Jacqueline Raymond Likes Waiting on CriticsFrank Bruni ‘very easy to take care of; very little fuss.’
  9. Ask a Waiter
    Nick Ferrante of Hearth and Terroir Invites You to Paul Grieco’s Wine’Those conversations night after night are basically like a master class.’
  10. Ask a Waiter
    Craftsteak’s Alice Lipping Will Chase You Down for a New Year’s Tip“That didn’t include gratuity, and people got so drunk they forgot to tip.”
  11. Ask a Waiter
    Jeton Qallaku of Inside Park Comforts Colleagues at Night“You name it, he does pickle everything, and I kind of adore that.”
  12. Ask a Waiter
    Allegretti Captain Michael Dolinski Thinks Responding to Critics Is a’There’s kind of a cliché about what French chefs are like, and it’s not entirely undeserved.’
  13. Ask a Waiter
    Mrs. Quicke’s Daughter, Jane, Discovers a World Beyond Cheddar atAn interview with the celebrity spawn of sorts, who has been working as an intern and participating in ‘cheese tourism.’
  14. Ask a Waiter
    ‘21’ Beverage Director Phil Pratt Wants You to Come Get Your Wine’They would bring in Ballantine’s, Roederer, Hine, which is a cognac, and they would sell brand-name stuff as opposed to bathtub gin.’
  15. Ask a Waiter
    Park Avenue Autumn’s Andi Rankin Weathers the Seasons’Everything, right down to the hand soap in the bathroom, changes. Everything will be white and silver.’
  16. Ask a Waiter
    Christopher Pravdica Gets Dirty at Hank’s and Serves Ski Water at Café’The Mary-Kate twins? What are they called?’
  17. Slideshow
    Exclusive Excerpt: Le Bernardin’s Ben Chekroun Shares the ‘129An exclusive excerpt and slideshow from Eric Ripert’s new book, ‘On the Line.’
  18. Ask a Waiter
    Bobo’s Derek Goodman Might Play Your Record Request’If it’s more of a party atmosphere, mid-eighties rock, because a lot of the crowd, that’s what they grew up on.’
  19. Ask a Waiter
    Obiká’s Taisha Cotto Speed Serves Fists of Mozzarella in Midtown’When you cut the mozzarella, it should release a milky serum, which is a sign of freshness.’
  20. Ask a Waiter
    Matt Reina Won’t Be Replaced by an Electronic Waiter at Aureole’What we do offer is, on Monday nights, for anyone in the industry (waiters, cooks, anyone), a tasting menu for $45.’
  21. Ask a Waiter
    Char No. 4 Bartender Jeff Galli Rides the Bourbon Renaissance’Whiskeys will age in the barrel, but not in the bottle.’
  22. Ask a Waiter
    Eric Deljanin’s Customers Put Away a Lot of Soufflés at Capsouto‘You can see a lot of change since September 11.’
  23. Ask a Waiter
    Sam Mason Trusts John Paul Jones With Tailor’s Playlist“I’ve tried Eben’s raisin soda in a cocktail he’s working on with a brioche cachaça.”
  24. Ask a Waiter
    Ryan Hanover Minds the People-Watchers at Delicatessen‘The majority of my friends are actors and models.’
  25. Ask a Waiter
    Wine Director Arnaud Devulder Blends Lever House WineDisney World, where wine dreams come true.
  26. Ask a Waiter
    Scarpetta’s Ricardo Medina Wrangles Chef Groupies‘He just did an episode with ‘Top Chef’ coming out this season.’
  27. Ask a Waiter
    Daniel Radcliffe Charms Waitress Lucy Owen at Café Luxembourg‘I think he’s really young.’
  28. Ask a Waiter
    Albert Trummer’s ‘Novice Apothekers’ Are at Your ServiceApothéke’s mixologist tells us what’s up his sleeve.
  29. Ask a Waiter
    Morgan Peterson of Hill Country Says Y’all More, Eats Barbecue LessAnd sometimes she gets to take home free meat.
  30. Ask a Waiter
    Plaza Doorman Fabrizio Brienza: ‘The Good Are In; the Bad Are Out’The model, actor, and star of ‘The Doorman’ says Danny A.’s uptown lounge is going to be the hottest spot in New York.
  31. Ask a Waiter
    Steve Dublanica, Author of ‘Waiter Rant,’ Cannot Confirm or DenyBut he has plenty to say about foodies, bad tippers, and his fellow waiters.
  32. Ask a Waiter
    Ron Riccio of Russ & Daughters Is Immune to Fish StinkThe counterman has worked at Russ & Daughters for thirteen years.
  33. Ask a Waiter
    Trevor W. of ‘The Doorman’ Smiles on Drag Queens — Trannies,We asked the subject of a new mock-umentary to tell us who makes it past his velvet rope.
  34. Ask a Waiter
    Giovanni Terzulli of Florio’s Doesn’t Mind If You SmokeIn fact, if you’re a military man, cigars are on the house.
  35. Ask a Waiter
    Grom’s Ratanak Joed Kong Lets You Taste As Much As You WantSampling etiquette from a gelato master.
  36. Ask a Waiter
    Amanda Dell Juggles ‘Outstanding’ Reservations at Gramercy TavernThe afterglow of the Beard Awards hasn’t yet faded at this year’s Outstanding Restaurant winner.
  37. Ask a Waiter
    Omar Niang Wants You to Feel the Harrison’s ElectricityAmanda Freitag’s tenure at the Harrison has yielded rave reviews. One person who’s happy about that is waiter Omar Niang.
  38. Ask a Waiter
    Jenn James of the Rusty Knot Never Wants to Hear ‘Hotel California’The waitress doesn’t much like the Eagles anymore, after hearing them on the jukebox one too many times, but shots of pickle brine are another thing entirely.
  39. Ask a Waiter
    Mika Porro of Cafe Cluny Directs Traffic for Brunch BunchesCafe Cluny’s GM on the male-female ratio, ordering the burger during evening hours, and the best seat in the house.
  40. Ask a Waiter
    Adour Wine Director Thomas Combescot Isn’t Sweating the ComputerThomas Combescot of Adour believes you’re making all the right decisions about your wine. Even when you’re not.
  41. Ask a Waiter
    Alex Day of Death & Co. Cringes Over Dirty MartinisSix months ago, Alex Day considered himself a groupie of Death & Co.’s bartenders. Now he has crossed over to the other side of the bar.
  42. Ask a Waiter
    Former Elaine’s Bartender Brian McDonald Tells AllIn ‘Last Call at Elaine’s,’ Brain McDonald, who tended bar at the Upper East Side saloon-cum-salon from 1986 to 1997, recalls his time as a recovering alcoholic, trying to stay sober in one of the city’s most glamorous drinking dens.
  43. Ask a Waiter
    Tenjune Doorman Aalex Julian Nixes Kevin Connolly’s EntourageThe club’s gatekeeper knows just who to expect when the club hosts after-parties for the Tribeca Film Festival this weekend.
  44. Ask a Waiter
    Andres Glasner of Waverly Inn Highly Recommends SiberiaAndres Glasner has served a Who’s Who of A-listers — though he’s not allowed to say just who.
  45. Ask a Waiter
    Jeremy Sullivan of Kobe Club Gets $5,000 Tips From Rush LimbaughWith some wondering whether threats of a recession will bring restaurant prices down, we asked him for insight into a place where businessmen don’t think twice about ordering the $700 pour of cognac for dessert.
  46. Ask a Waiter
    Julia Dubovichka of Tatiana Explains ‘Eggplant Caviar’At Tatiana, the performances are as mind-blowing as the ones at the Box. We asked a veteran waitress to tell us which balcony is most suitable for our birthday celebration.
  47. Ask a Waiter
    Rose MacDowell, Author of ‘Turning Tables,’ Only Cried on the JobIdentical twins Heather and Rose MacDowell waited tables for five years in Manhattan before penning their novel, Turning Tables, out next week. Rose won’t name the restaurants they worked for, offering only that she was at one of the Ark Restaurants in Manhattan (it operates the Bryant Park Grill and others), while her sister worked at a defunct Italian restaurant in the Columbus Circle area. Nevertheless, she was quite candid about the industry she says she could only cope with via on-the-job hookups and shots snuck from behind the bar.
  48. Ask a Waiter
    Lurie De La Rosa of PDT Asks That You Put Your Pants on and LeaveLurie De La Rosa knows a thing or two about cocktails: She worked at Pegu Club under Audrey Saunders (her “New York mom”) and with Jim Meehan, who asked her to help him open his debut spot PDT. “I wasn’t sure what he meant by a ‘hot dog bar,’” she tells us. Indeed PDT is unique in that it pairs Crif Dogs with Snoop Dogg, something De La Rosa says was “scary for a little bit. I came from this world of classic music and jazz.” But she has adjusted admirably and is now part of a family that includes Wylie Dufresne, David Chang, and the occasional naked patron.
  49. Ask a Waiter
    Antoinette Morelli of 2nd Avenue Deli Makes Sure You Don’t Sneak In ChocolateWhen we called the 2nd Avenue Deli asking to speak to a server, we assumed they’d hook us up with one of the one or two old-timers left over from the East Village original. Instead, they looked to the future, and we were connected with Antoinette Morelli, who was a bank teller (and before that a server on the World Yacht) before starting at the pastrami palace’s new location. “Coming to work that first day,” she told us, “I had butterflies in my stomach because we had all the media here and we couldn’t move. They thought I wasn’t going to make it, but I surprised them.” She surprised us, too, by sounding like an old hand.
  50. Ask a Waiter
    One if by Land’s Michael Lombardozi Won’t Let You Make Babies in the Bathroom By now even the unrepentant Paul Jankas of the world know that One if by Land, Two if by Sea is widely regarded as the most romantic restaurant in the city. Normally we’d hesitate to match a cheesy holiday with a played-out restaurant, but now that new chef Craig Hopson, formerly of Picholine, has replaced the humdrum chicken Kiev with entrées such as turbot poached in coconut milk with peeky toe crab, mango and sea beans (you can peruse the new menu here), we don’t feel the least bit corny about asking Michael Lombardozi, a waiter at the West Village institution for seven years, to walk us down lovers’ lane.
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