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  1. restaurant review
    Cold Comforts at Mokyo and Silver ApricotTwo downtown Asian-inspired kitchens brave the elements with distinctly personal, creative cooking.
  2. the underground gourmet review
    At Golden Diner, Deliciousness Is in the DetailsBy focusing on quality ingredients and using fine-dining technique, chef Sam Yoo makes quotidian classics that taste both familiar and fresh.
  3. Foodievents
    Seven Noodle-Makers Coming to The Viceroy For First Annual Noodle Bowl Fest,Chefs like David LeFevre and Andre Guerrero will be on hand to make their best dishes.
  4. Let’s Do Brunch
    Spice Table Brings Scallop Congee, Lamb Bacon Gravy, and Kaya Doughnuts to NewBryant Ng’s Downtown restaurant will also offer bottomless mimosas and Handsome Roasters coffee.
  5. Second Comings
    Fatty ‘Cue Brooklyn Aiming for an October ReopeningWe weren’t sure it would ever happen.
  6. Grub Guides
    Eleven Cool Noodle Dishes Perfect for SummerFor when the hot stuff is just too much to stomach.
  7. Foodievents
    Lucky Rice Night Market Hit Helms Bakery on August 4The event celebrates Asian cooking by Asian-American chefs, with a hearty helping of local talent in the mix.
  8. Foodievents
    626 Night Market Not Afraid to Rear Its Head and TryTry AgainThe Asian street food event is quadrupling the size of its venue to lure back repulsed foodies.
  9. Openings
    First Look at Silk Rd Tavern, Opening TomorrowAsian and American comfort food in the Flatiron.
  10. Foodievents
    The Luckyrice 2012 Lineup Is Out, and It Looks AwesomeIt’s an exciting time of year for Asian-food fiends.
  11. Openings
    Cornelius Gallagher Returns to Manhattan With Dragonfly, Opening Next WeekThe toque’s riff on the flavors of Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.
  12. Openings
    First Look at Talde, Bringing ‘the Yin and the Yang’ to Park SlopeDale Talde’s Asian-American place is decked in Japanese carved wood.
  13. Coming Up
    Talde Set to Bring Shrimp Toast, ‘Phot Roast,’ and Bacon-Oyster PadDale Talde’s Asian-American restaurant is at last ready to open.
  14. Look Who’s Popping Up
    L’Ermitage Offers Sneak Peak of New Restaurant at Livello Test KitchenJoseph Elevado will prepare a different menu of Asian and Italian-influenced dishes every Thursday through December.
  15. Openings
    Vanessa’s Dumpling House Williamsburg Slated for Late OctoberYet another cheap-eats specialist expands to the ‘burg.
  16. Openings
    Simpson Wong Coins New Culinary Term at Wong, Where the Menu Is ‘LocavorePastry chef Judy Chen comes from Daniel.
  17. Trend Tracking
    More Fall Openings Onslaught: Hope You Like Noodles!Asian and Italian restaurants are proving prominent on fall’s bill of fare.
  18. Openings
    First Look at RedFarm, Ed Schoenfeld and Joe Ng’s Upcoming Chinese SpotUpscale food in a casual setting, rolling out in the next couple of weeks.
  19. Openings
    The Flying Pig Cafe Opens July 16th; Flying Pink Pig Sequel Coming SoonFinally, we get to see what Joe Kim has cooked up for Little Tokyo AND have our un
  20. Truckin’
    The Flying Pig Cafe Lands In Little Tokyo In JuneWe were starting to think pigs would have to take to the sky before this one actually saw its debut.
  21. Openings
    Komodo Slithers Into Its Brick-and-Mortar, Now Soft-OpenA brick-and-mortar is becoming a badge of honor for L.A.’s food trucks.
  22. Slideshow
    A Look at Bryant Ng’s The Spice Table, Soft-Open TonightWe have high hopes that Bryant Ng’s new Southeast Asian restaurant will join today’s landscape of great Asian tribute and reinvention.
  23. Slideshow
    A Look at Lukshon’s Menu, In PhotosSang Yoon’s tribute to Asian cooking cuisine fits smoothly into the recent explosion of chef-driven explorations honored by the city’s most visionary toques
  24. Sing a Song of Sang
    Will Sichaun Salt Chicken Pops Be The Next Father’s Office Burger?Let’s just hope dan dan noodles Sriracha-infused cocktails go over the heads of all those students clogging F.O.’s doorway.
  25. Closings
    Culver City’s Beacon To Close This SundayYes, it’s the stupid economy again, but at least Beacon will survive as a catering service.
  26. Truckin’
    Starry Kitchen Truck-Jacks The Mandoline Grill This SundayBall jokes, costumes, and the banh mi that boosted them from an underground apartment restaurant are likely to follow.
  27. Foodievents
    Ragin’ for Asian: A Trio of Far-Eastern Eating Odysseys in SeptemberA ‘feastival,’ a Malaysian street market, and a dumpling festival.
  28. Slideshow
    What to Eat and Drink at Zengo, Open in Santa Monica PlaceRichard Sandoval’s Latin-Asian fusion fits perfectly into L.A.’s growing fusion trend.
  29. Empire Building
    Michael Huynh Plans Asian Tacos and BBQThe Vietnamese sandwich impresario plans to do Asian barbecue and tacos next.
  30. Openings
    Just Sweet Brings a Magic Mountain of Shaved Ice to the East VillageGet ready for crêpes and shaved ice topped with cornflakes.
  31. Dinner
    Dinner Is Now Served at Starry KitchenService will only be Thursdays and Fridays to start.
  32. Health Concerns
    Victory Appears Certain for Asian Rice Noodle SupportersCalifornia State Senate passes new legislation that could honor the authentic cultural preparation of an Asian staple.
  33. Openings
    Wolfgang Puck’s WP24 Opens Downtown at The Ritz-CarltonThe Chinois and Spago chef seeks to have the last word on upscale Chinese.
  34. Reopenings
    First Look at Anita Lo’s Annisa, Reopening TomorrowSee the new look and new menu items.
  35. Openings
    Roy Choi Opens Chego! Tonight at 6 P.M.Tonight the chef celebrates a grand-opening and his Food and Wine Best Chef nod.
  36. Foodievents
    RockSugar Throws a Thai Songkran PartyA four-course menu of Thai holiday dishes is being prepared by chef Ismail Mohan.
  37. Slideshow
    First Look at Kogi’s Chego! RestaurantRoy Choi’s first restaurant looks ready to start serving “One Chubby Pork Belly’ and “Rock Your Road.”
  38. Slideshow
    Closer Look at Fatty ’Cue and Its Southeast Asian BarbecueA tour of the restaurant and a look at its menu and dishes.
  39. Openings
    And Now, Feast Your Eyes on Fatty ’Cue’s Almost-Final MenuAfter two years of anticipation, the menu has finally been revealed.
  40. Openings
    As It Prepares to Open, a Look Back at Two Years of Fatty ’CueEvery potential menu item we’ve heard about (and tasted) so far.
  41. Openings
    What to Eat at L.A. Market, Now Open at J.W. MarriottKerry Simon created the menu for Downtown’s latest hotel restaurant.
  42. Openings
    Corner 41 Keeps the Ribs; Rockin’ Taco Gears UpPlus: Albany Park’s new Asian takeout spot, and a suburban Bar Louie closes.
  43. Empire Building
    Up Next for Bill Kim: an Asian Beer HouseThe Urban Belly and Belly Shack chef turns to his next project.
  44. Slideshow
    First Look at Spot and Pichet Ong’s Daring DessertsThe man behind P*Ong is now serving create-your-own ice cream on St. Marks Place.
  45. Slideshow
    A First Look at Michael Huynh’s OBAO and Its FoodA look at the new pan-Asian restaurant’s space, menu, and dishes.
  46. Openings
    Frysmith and Asian Soul Kitchen Get Their Gears In MotionTwo more food trucks are making their debut.
  47. Empire Building
    Big Bowl Wants You To Bring It HomeThe noodle mini-chain now makes its sauces and ginger ale to go.
  48. Empire Building
    Crustacean’s An Family Will Unleash Two New Restuarants on SoCal This WinterThe An Family dynasty is set to grow with two new plans.
  49. Empire Building
    Michael Huynh Will Open Four Restaurants in Four WeeksHow does he do it?
  50. TV Land
    Chang on Today“The radical chef” (?) teaches America how to make kimchee.
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