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Ashley Merriman

  1. no deal
    Gabrielle Hamilton Won’t Take Over the Spotted Pig After AllThe two sides were unable to reach a final agreement.
  2. major developments
    Gabrielle Hamilton on Ken Friedman: ‘We Are Going to Be the Second Marriage’The Prune chef offers insight into her controversial decision to help run the Spotted Pig alongside accused abuser Ken Friedman.
  3. Chef Moves
    Ashley Merriman Leaves Alex Guarnaschelli for the Waverly InnGood get for Graydon.
  4. Foodievents
    Top Chef Tour Rolls Into HubFinally, your chance to play Padma-themed putt putt!
  5. Openings
    Top Chef’s Ashley Merriman Teams With Chopped’sBut where, and on what?