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  1. Watch: An Authentic Salvador Dalí Surrealist Cookbook You Can Buy Right nowBorn from his own trippy dinner table.
  2. This Artist Is the Wolfgang Puck of Miniature FoodAnd, yes, it’s all edible.
  3. This Entertaining Tumblr Removes All Gluten From Famous Works of ArtNo carbs here.
  4. Masterpiece Eater
    Nigella Lawson’s Ex-Husband Profits From This Art That Depicts Her Getting“Saatchi is strangling Nigella,” says one artist, “but it’s also about him squeezing the art market. It works on many levels.”
  5. Food Porn
    Here’s Starry Night Re-Created in Brownie FormImpressive.
  6. McDonald’s
    Sculpture of McDonald’s Cup Sells for $9,000“Contemporary art.”
  7. Foodievents
    Artists Celebrate the City’s Drinking and Eating Culture in NeonParticipating designers drew inspiration from the city’s many bars and restaurants.
  8. Art
    Inside the World of GallerybrewingBrewing as art.
  9. Foodievents
    More Food and Booze at Barnsdall This SaturdayArt and wine make a fine pair
  10. Foodievents
    Hot Diggity Hosts ‘The Art of Hawk Krall’The show, which runs throughout February, is the largest showing of Krall’s work to date.
  11. Candyland
    New Brooklyn Exhibit Melds Sweets With Storefrontage“Food Lust: Shock Candy” is coming to Prospect Heights.
  12. Art
    Putting Food People in Their PlaceTodd Selby has rounded up all his food photography in one place.
  13. Food Porn
    Eating Hot Dogs, Showing Off Her BunsErica Simone photographs herself doing New York stuff in the buff.
  14. Quote of the Day
    The Art of Silk City: Is It Trash or Treasure?Is it a case of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” or is just trash?
  15. Art
    One Man’s Meat Is Another Man’s MuseDominic Episcopo’s preferred medium is meat.
  16. Foodievents
    MoMA Installs Some ‘Counter Space’The museum’s latest show is a retrospective of the post-servant kitchen of the last century.
  17. Broken Dreams
    Sorry, West Village: There Is No Nighthawks DinerJeremiah’s Vanishing New York dives into the real-estate history of Edward Hopper’s iconic painting and comes up empty.
  18. Closings
    Art/s Tapas + Sushi Shutters
  19. Foodarts
    Palate Exhibits Edible Skulls, Last Meals, Cloth Cow Cadavers, and CandyA food-themed art exhibit debuts in Culver City this weekend.
  20. The Other Critics
    Hakka Blows Kaufmann’s Mind; Reidinger Sounds Confused by Art/SKaufmann *loves* Hakka; Reidinger kinda like Art/S; Patti. U. enjoys her chicken feet at Koi Palace.
  21. Diametrically Opposed
    Meat, Out; Vegan Art, InAn art gallery will move into the Pat LaFrieda space in the West Village.
  22. Food Arts
    Fallen Fruit Drops on LACMA for Food-Art CollaborationNearly a year of art and activism events will follow.
  23. Interiors
    Fire On The MovePrairie Grass Cafe shares some decor with its soon-to-open sister restaurant.
  24. Foodievents
    Edible Fun House Will Include One Ton of Ribs and ‘Ice Cream on theMario Batali and Jacques Torres are somehow involved.
  25. Trimmings
    Veselka Installs New Mural As It Prepares for Bowery Build-OutThe story behind Arnie Charnick’s new one, ‘Keys to the City.’
  26. Trimmings
    WTF: Tatiana’s Headless, Topless WomenThe latest installment in our Museum of WTF Restaurant Art.
  27. Trimmings
    WTF: The Steamy Paintings at El CantineroThe second exhibit in our Museum of WTF Restaurant Art is on loan from a Mexican restaurant known for its all-you-can-eat special.
  28. NewsFeed
    Famous Pastafarian Turns His Attention to Tacos There’s a soft spot in our heart for artists who play with their food (remember Jason Wishnow’s Oedipus starring vegetables?), but what to make of the most recent work of Bob Henderson, founder of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? In his spiel about why he borrowed a $1,200 lens to shoot 59-cent tacos in black-and-white, Henderson writes, “I have an interest in #133; niche marketing, memes, photography, and tacos. I invented pretentious fine art taco photography.” If you don’t want to spend $34 on a print, don’t worry — Henderson says he’s aiming to bring the project to New York. Expect a table of Gordita Supremes at the opening. Fine Art Taco Photography [Handerob.com] Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster [Venganza.org]