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Art Bites

  1. Art Bites
    Modern Art-Inspired Desserts Coming To West Hollywood, Saturday at Craft inCaitlin Freeman’s cakes bear the brush of Kahlo, Matisse, and Mondrian.
  2. Art Bites
    Estevan Oriol Storming Pizzanista, May 4 in DowntownThe photographer will offer a specialty pizza with a box featuring his iconic “L.A. Hands” image.
  3. Art Bites
    Jason Fullilove Making Danny Boyle’s Films Palatable at LACMA127 Hours and Trainspotting aren’t exactly the easiest films to make menus out of.
  4. Art Bites
    Guelaguetza Gets InkedTonight the city’s seminal Oaxacan restaurant will hold a party showing more work from Colectivo LaPiztola.
  5. Art Bites
    Notorious Chick-Fil-A Vandal Turns His Eye Towards Giant DoughnutsThe Hollywood artist will show off a sweet new installation at Downtown’s Art Walk this week.
  6. Art Bites
    Johnny Rockets Gives Us A New Excuse to Use Up Old Bottles of HeinzIn which we hold our noses to reconsider condiment-based art.
  7. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Potato Chips Inspire Their Own Gallery Show in Silver LakeAn exploration of over 50 flavors from around the world.
  8. Taco Town
    C.A.V.E. Gallery Presents ‘Restitution Taco,’ Saturday in VeniceArtist Ryan Graeff pays tribute to the city’s most legendary taquerias, Mexican restaurants, and taco trucks.
  9. Art Bites
    ForYourArt Offers 24 Hours of Doughnuts to Sweeten The ClockA different L.A. doughnut will be offered every two hours for 24 hours.
  10. Foodievents
    ForYourArt Plans a One-Day Food Biennial Next SaturdayThe exhibition of twelve curated food producers coincides with Made in L.A.
  11. Art Bites
    Stefan Richter Buys a BanksyThe Top Chef brought the artist’s Grannies home for his collection.
  12. Art Bites
    The Art of Cooking Hits Royal/T This FridayOver 60 pieces include food-themed art from Kenny Scharf and Scott Reeder.
  13. Nightlife
    Dragonfly Hosting ‘Miss Hooker Beauty Pageant 2012’Traci Lords and Dave Navarro will help highlight some Hollywood movers and shakers.
  14. Chasing Choi
    Mike D Picks Roy Choi to Lead Pop-Up Restaurant at MOCAThe rap pioneer claims, “Roy truly amazes me with his ability to reinvent radically different cuisines.”
  15. Art Bites
    David Feau Lunches With Monet at The RoyceThe Royce chef plans a series of meals inspired by and dedicated to French artists.
  16. Art Bites
    Who Will Embrace Edible Spray-Paint?The results range from cool to scary.
  17. Foodievents
    Ray’s Pairs New World Menu With LACMA’s ‘Contested Visions’ ExhibitKris Morningstar plans a four-course menu full of cocoa, purple corn, masa, and chilies.
  18. Foodievents
    Where to Feast Like a Sultan for The NightArtBites will explore the role of dining in The Islamic court with a tour through LACMA, a cooking class, and dinner.
  19. Art Bites
    Chaz Bojorquez Signing Plata Wines This Saturday at CrewestAfter the weekend, City Sip will carry the new vintages in Silver Lake.
  20. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Mr. Toast Popping Up at Royal/T Through FebruaryShaky Bacon will be there too!
  21. Slideshows
    What Eating Hello Kitty and Her Friends Might Look LikeEric Joyner, Brandi Milne, and Nouar, and Misha give us a glimpse of food-related Hello Kitty art coming to Sanrio’s Small Gift carnival this weekend.
  22. Art Bites
    Singha Beer Brings Retna To Hollywood’s MyStudioThe first in an international series finds the Thai beer company highlighting a phenomenal L.A. artist.
  23. Art Bites
    Where to Drink a Candy Darling and Eat An ‘Edie Sedwich’Royal/T unleashes a Warhol-inspired menu running concurrent with a celebration of the artist’s work.
  24. Art Bites
    Robots Deeply Desire Donuts at Corey Helford GallerySan Francisco artist Eric Joyner unites machines with their sugar-filled dreams.