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  1. Reopenings
    Archipelago ReturnsLooks like the recently closed Archipelago is down but not out.
  2. Closings
    Archipelago Is Done; Bartender Says Devin Tavern Is, TooDevin Tavern is open and taking reservations. But for how long?
  3. Chaos
    Archipelago and Haven: Are You on the List?On opening night, a guest list is only as good as the assistant who has to flip through it.
  4. Slideshow
    First Look: Inside ArchipelagoWatch a slideshow for interior shots of Archipelago, plus some menu items.
  5. Openings
    Archipelago to Serve French-Japanese in the Old Dani SpaceMorimoto alum Hisanobu Osaka will begin serving dinner on Thursday.
  6. NewsFeed
    What We Learned From the ‘Times’ Fall PreviewFranklin Becker’s new project, who will cook in the old Dani, and more restaurant news for a packed autumn.