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April Bloomfield

  1. Fashion Police
    How Chefs Dress Up for Their Awards Show“I’m wearing a white tuxedo by a wonderful man from Italy named Valentino.”
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    A German Feast in Greenwich Village; Brooklyn Brewery Starts Weekday ToursPlus: how to get tickets for the James Beard Foundation’s pop-up restaurant, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  3. User's Guide
    Grub Street’s Guide to Penning an April Bloomfield ProfileFirst ‘New York,’ then ‘The New Yorker,’ then the ‘Telegraph,’ and now the ‘Guardian.’ Here’s how the writers did it.
  4. In the Magazine
    The Underground Gourmet on Hung Ry; Platt Rounds Up the City’s Best PorkPlus: how to distinguish your heritage breeds, nose-to-tail with April Bloomfield, and more from this week’s ‘New York.’
  5. Foodievents
    April Bloomfield: You Can Forget About That Whole Spotted Pig Vegas BusinessWe were a fly on the wall at her pig-butchering class.
  6. Foodievents
    How to Sell Blue Jeans: Get a Chef, a Farmer, and a Pig Carcass in Front of SomeApril Bloomfield ups her profile. Plus, the John Dory will be serving a limited menu.
  7. Personalities
    April Bloomfield Won’t Hire White Guys With Dreadlocks, and Eleven OtherWhat we took away from her ‘New Yorker’ profile.
  8. Slideshow
    First Look at the John Dory Oyster Bar, Where the Wait Is Already Half an HourA tour of the John Dory’s new incarnation in the Ace Hotel.
  9. Community Boards
    McNally Decides Against Fighting for Pulino’s CaféAnd the John Dory Oyster Bar gets an opening date.
  10. In the Magazine
    The Most Powerful People in New York, Culinary EditionApril Bloomfield and Roberta’s are changing the way New York eats.
  11. Foodievents
    Last Night at Le Fooding: San Francisco Edges Out New York, For NowOur highly scientific comparative analysis of last night’s first of two SF vs. NY showdowns.
  12. Empire Building
    Stephen Starr Plans ‘Meat-Centric’ Restaurant, Laughs at City That“It’s becoming London, New York.”
  13. Openings
    Spotted Pig Team Lets Go of New Project; the Smile Wants to Open a BreastaurantPlus more from last night’s Community Board 2 meeting.
  14. Menus
    What to Eat When April Bloomfield Guest-Chefs at MelisseThe Spotted Pig chef will cook six courses in Santa Monica.
  15. Bookshelf
    Meatball Shop, April Bloomfield Plan CookbooksHas the Meatball Shop set a record?
  16. Other Cities
    April Bloomfield Looks in LondonThe Breslin chef plans a return to the city where she got her start.
  17. Beef
    Why Don’t We Pay Attention to Women in the Kitchen?It’s sexism. There, we said it.
  18. Reopenings
    John Dory Aims for JulyThe new incarnation of Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield’s fish shack will have sidewalk seats and a “sense of humor.”
  19. Reopenings
    Ken Friedman Confirms Plans to Reopen John Dory in the Ace HotelThe décor may or may not look as much like “an acid trip underwater.”
  20. The Food Chain
    April Bloomfield Thinks the Shredded Beef Tacos at Sueños Are Perfect“They’re the perfect balance of everything: meat, crunch, freshness, cheesiness.”
  21. The Food Chain
    Jessica Boncutter Is Refreshed by the Breslin’s Pear-and-Gorgonzola Salad“We all know April’s style of cooking is very rich and robust, and we love her for it! But the most delicious thing I had was actually a salad.”
  22. Food for Thought
    Bourdain, Ripert, Izard, and Others Ask: ‘Where Are the Great FemaleThe question seems to be on everyone’s mind lately.
  23. The New York Diet
    ‘Epic Chef’ April Bloomfield Breaks for Tea and Biscuits“I remember a time I ate Shepherd’s Pie at the Spotted Pig. It was so delicious, I ate so much of it that I couldn’t move. And I felt so sluggish and all I wanted to do was curl up by the stove.”
  24. Undercover Chef
    How to Make the Spotted Pig’s Deviled Eggs at HomeAn undercover chef deconstructs April Bloomfield’s recipe in order to replicate it at home.
  25. Lists
    What Chefs EatChefs name their constant cravings.
  26. Mediavore
    A Food Plan for New York; Duvet Closed for GoodPlus: radio Roberta’s, and a Slim Fast recall, all in our morning news roundup.
  27. Openings
    The Breslin Will Start Serving Dinner on November 23Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield’s restaurant in the Ace Hotel is ready for the big show.
  28. Slideshow
    Ken Friedman Is Ready to Say ‘Yes’ to You at the BreslinA first look at the Spotted Pig team’s new project, opening next week.
  29. Video Feed
    April Bloomfield Teaches All Things PorkCheck out a video of her in action at the New York Culinary Experience.
  30. Openings
    Friedman Finds New Spot for John DoryThe space will be three times the size of the old one.
  31. Previews
    Traci Des Jardines Previews Tahoe, L.A. MenusManzanita will feature comfort food for skiers, while sardines star at this weekend’s American Wine & Food fest.
  32. Foodievents
    Fergus Henderson Unveils FergusStock MenuThe king of hearts and parts is back in town, cooking at the Breslin and the Spotted Pig.
  33. Closings
    Exit Interview: Ken Friedman on the Demise of the John Dory“I wanted to show everybody April Bloomfield could cook.”
  34. Mediavore
    What’s Next for April Bloomfield; Vendors Renting VetsPlus: HiFi gets fancy, and farm profits fall, all in our morning news roundup.
  35. Fall Preview
    What to Expect From the Breslin (Plus Renderings!)Lots of meat, two bars, and priced like the Spotted Pig.
  36. Expeditions
    Women Chefs Behave BoarishlyAnita Lo and April Bloomfield go on safari.
  37. Foodievents
    Battle of the Sexes: Do Male and Female Chefs Cook Differently?Could expert judges tell the difference between dishes made by Alexandra Guarnaschelli and Johnny Iuzzini?
  38. Lists
    Local Talent Gets Love From Bourdain, But Not From World’s Great ChefsBourdain picks thirteen places to visit before you die, and ten superstar chefs pick 100 emerging stars.
  39. Road Trip
    April Bloomfield & Co. Take U.K. Field Trip to Prep for Ace DebutOn the itinerary: Squirrel, lamb kidney, and mutton diaphragm.
  40. Celebrity Settings
    Where Does Ferran Adrià Eat When He’s in Town?The John Dory’s chef, April Bloomfield, was nervous when she heard that a god of gastronomy would be watching her every move.
  41. What to Eat
    Spotted Pig May Have to Find a Roquefort AlternativePlus, how your pig’s head is made.
  42. Stadium Eats
    Yankee Stadium Gets Celeb ChefsMorimoto and Bloomfield will cook for premium-ticket holders.
  43. Openings
    Keith McNally’s and Ken Friedman’s New Ones Are ChristenedThe restaurant in the ACE Hotel finally has a name.
  44. The Underground Gourmet
    The City’s Best Welsh RarebitThe Underground Gourmet finds a new favorite sandwich at the John Dory.
  45. Celebrity Settings
    Spotted at the DoryThe critics were out in full force during a recent dinner.
  46. Hotel Motel
    April Bloomfield Plans to Go Medieval on Your Ass at Ace HotelKen Friedman promises that vegetarians won’t feel comfortable at their new restaurant.
  47. Top Chef
    More From Tom and Padma: Guest Judges, Food As Foreplay, and Colicchio As SexMore ‘Top Chef’ talk from today’s conference call. Turns out most of the season was shot in Brooklyn!
  48. Openings
    John Dory Taking Reservations Tomorrow; Fake and Real Fish in PlaceThe new seafood restaurant from the Spotted Pig team is ‘getting there’; photos show the 900-pound aquarium is up and running.
  49. In the Magazine
    Fall Preview: Cool Winds Bring Good EatsNew restaurants from Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield, Zak Pelaccio, and Drew Nieporent in this year’s fall preview.
  50. NewsFeed
    Cityfile Makes Chef Stalking Way EasierA new site describes chefs and restaurateurs right down to their home addresses and dating histories.
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