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  1. openings
    Russ & Daughters Is Ready to Open in MidtownThe appetizing icon will debut its latest store this week.
  2. the underground gourmet
    Can New York Be a Great Herring Town Again?An undersung vestige of New York culinary history is the main event at a new Upper West Side sandwich shop.
  3. app-etizing
    Silicon Valley’s ‘Not Hotdog’ and 7 Other Ridiculous (Real) Food AppsWhat to download when you want to find a ripe watermelon, a great oyster happy hour, or the perfect gin-and-tonic pairing.
  4. App-etizing
    Too Many Reservation AppsWhat’s the point of all these new apps and services if it’s still a hassle to eat where you want, when you want?
  5. App-etizing
    Grahamwich: The AppThere’s an app for sandwiches.
  6. Reports
    Restaurant Opportunities Center Drops Its National Diners’ Guide toThe release of the new guide also sees the debut of free smartphone app.
  7. App-etizing
    Food Genius Gets $1.2 Million To Help Spot Trends In Cajun Pasta JalapeñoFood Genius gets big boost of funding for food trends app.
  8. App-etizing
    Diners, Drive-ins, and Your iPhoneFood Network released a new free app, On the Road.
  9. App-etizing
    Where to Eat After Midnight in S.F.? There’s an App for ThatTablehopper has a new late-night dining guide to almost 100 places around the city.
  10. App-etizing
    Bauer’s Top 100 Becomes an App
  11. App-etizing
    Food & Wine Launches New Cocktail App Featuring S.F. BarsIt features ten local bars among the country’s top 100.
  12. App-etizing
    Bayless: The Chef, the Actor … and Now the AppRick Bayless launches his first app.
  13. App-etizing
    Peanut Chews: There’s an App For That Now, TooThe game is addictive, and the soundtrack is groovy.
  14. App-etizing
    LCB: Now There’s an App For That, TooWhile privatization hawks continue with their empty threats, the LCB is moving forward with its modernization efforts.
  15. Freebies
    Get Lunch For Free Today at Reading Terminal MarketMakers of a smartphone app are ponying up to cover your the cost of your meal.
  16. App-etizing
    Domino’s Launches ‘Pizza Hero,’ the Latest in Un-Fun BrandedIt doesn’t get shill-ier than this, folks.
  17. App-etizing
    Find Melissa Perello’s and Joshua Skenes’s Favorite Dishes via NewLearn where the professionals eat, one dish at a time.
  18. App-etizing
    BBQ App Hits the iPhoneThe folks down at ‘Texas Monthly’ have launched a ‘cue-focused iPhone app.
  19. App-etizing
    Cocktail Recommendations from Martha Stewart?Martha Stewart launches a cocktail app… and shops for investors.
  20. App-etizing
    Delivery.com Launches AppGPS lets you place pickup orders, too.
  21. App-etizing
    Salumè Releases PaninipediaSalumè is the latest food business to launch an iPhone app.
  22. App-etizing
    Plants App Hits iPhones“Wildman” Steve Brill has released his foraging app for iPhone.
  23. App-etizing
    Meat Maneuvers: LaFrieda at Shake Shack D.C., DeBragga on Your iPhoneWill Shake Shack D.C. use local beef, or stick with a proven winner?
  24. App-etizing
    MenuPages App Named Best of the WebMinOnline calls it the year’s best smartphone app!
  25. Booze You Can Use
    Which Manhattan Neighborhood Has the Most Happy Hours?Hint: It’s not the Upper East Side!
  26. App-etizing
    Groupon Launches GPS AppGroupon Now is coming soon.
  27. App-etizing
    This New App Is Trying to Steal Grub Street’s Job“Grub” in the name? Check. Specific-dish recommendations? Check.
  28. App-etizing
    Google Gets In On the Recipe GameIt’s kind of like Foodily, only uglier.
  29. App-etizing
    With DeepDishing, Tablehopper Goes Toe to Toe With FoodspottingThe new local community for foodies is sure to win some fans.
  30. App-etizing
    Introducing the (Free) MenuPages for Android AppNow iPhone users aren’t the only ones who can scope menus on the go.
  31. App-etizing
    Battle of the Capp Map Apps!Two apps aim to map out the city’s best cappuccinos.
  32. App-etizing
    Find Girl Scout Cookies Immediately via a New AppThe Girl Scout Cookie Locator might actually come in handy, come to think of it.
  33. App-etizing
    Check In With New York on FoursquareVisit five spots from Adam Platt’s “Where to Eat 2011,” and you’ll earn a badge!
  34. App-etizing
    With Mermaid’s Oysterpedia App, the World Is Your …Two-hundred oysters, explained.
  35. App-etizing
    Tasting Table Launches AppJust in time for those Verizon iPhones.
  36. App-etizing
    We’ll Spare You the Appletini JokeOf course there are cocktail apps. What’s surprising is that one of them is good.
  37. App-etizing
    French Laundry Wine List Goes Paperless… With iPadsThomas Keller’s always been forward-thinking, but c’mon now.
  38. App-etizing
    See Our Ten Must-Try Dishes Around the BayOur list for Foodspotting of 10 dishes to try now.
  39. App-etizing
    Did You Know There Was a MenuPages iPhone App?
  40. Mediavore
    ‘Budgetary Alement’ Beer Sent to Schwarzenegger; Beckham and Ramsay
  41. App-etizing
    Food & Wine Serves Up an AppHot on the heels of Mario Cooks! and Gourmet Live.
  42. App-etizing
    Ikea’s Beautiful Baking Cookbook Is Now a Hilarious iPhone AppWant to bake a cinnamon roll? You’ll have to jog three miles first.
  43. Funnies
    Straight Dudes Can Now Focus Their Attention On Bars Containing Gaggles of WomenWhere The Ladies At purports to tell dudes where the ladies be at.
  44. App-etizing
    Scandal! ‘Gourmet Live’ Accidentally Endorses Liquor CorporationThe new app’s cocktail guide was created by a “spirits ambassador.”
  45. App-etizing
    ‘How to Cook Everything Essentials’: Carry Mark Bittman With You atBittman’s new iPhone app has a hundred free recipes and, in case you can’t find a clock, a built-in timer.
  46. App-etizing
    ‘Gourmet Live’ Is Live, and Full of Easter EggsThe erstwhile magazine’s legacy lives on through an (only slightly zombie-esque) iPad app.
  47. App-etizing
    The Times Launches a Mobile Fix for Your Caffeine AddictionThe Filter is a GPS-enabled coffee map from ‘Times’ caffeine guru Oliver Strand.
  48. App-etizing
    New iPhone App Lets You Put Mario Batali in Your PocketPlus, find New York City beer gardens and control your bar’s jukebox.
  49. App-Etizing
    The Gourmet iPad App Might Have Original ContentDoes an open call for “editorial and production talent” mean the brand won’t be a zombie?
  50. App-etizing
    Check In With New York and FoursquareNYMag.com partnered with Foursquare to bring the best food-world intel to your fingertips.
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