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  1. Noodling Around
    How To Recreate Tinga Malaysia, The Winning Dish at Tiato’s Noodle-OffCecilia Fabulich’s recipe for the Mexican-southeast Asian dish that took the prize.
  2. Deals
    House of An Sells Garlic Noodles for 89 Cents-A-Bowl TodayFor one day only, Crustacean, Tiato, and AnQi offer a 1980 price for their most famous dish.
  3. Openings
    What to Eat at Tiato, Soft-Open in Santa MonicaMTV employees on lunch break now have banh mi and kombucha bisque from The House of An.
  4. Coming Soon
    An Family Opening Tiato in Santa Monica on June 28thBreakfast and lunch will get a healthy Vietnamese twist in Santa Monica’s new garden market cafe.
  5. Empire Building
    Crustacean’s An Family Will Unleash Two New Restuarants on SoCal This WinterThe An Family dynasty is set to grow with two new plans.