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Annoying Orange

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    Heinz and Starbucks Cutting Salt; Apollo Buys Out CKE for $693.9 MillionFood companies get an early jump on sodium reduction and the corporation that owns Carl’s Jr. is sold.
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    Foss Catches 4,500 Pounds of Asian Carp; Top Chef Expands to CanadaPlus: KFC’s Double Down hurting its image, Annoying Orange gets a TV deal, wine education heads to college.
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    Fourteen Arrested in Lawrence Club Brawl; Grenades Discovered in ShellfishPlus: a Springfield restaurant with an unsavory name, and companies volunteer to cut salt, all in our morning news roundup.
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    Soda Tax Dead; Companies Volunteer Salt CutsPlus: the Double Down might hurt KFC, and Top Chef comes to Canada, all in our morning news roundup.