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Animal Rights

  1. virtual reality
    Animal-Rights Activists Are Using VR to Fight Factory FarmsOrganizations are using the technology to depict conditions livestock endure.
  2. drama
    Animal-Rights Activists Invaded Chez PanisseIf anyone is mindful about ingredients and sourcing, it’s Alice Waters.
  3. Animal Cruelty
    McDonald’s Cuts Ties With Chicken Supplier Over Animal AbuseA new video shows Tyson workers hitting sick birds with spiked poles.
  4. Video Feed
    Grisly Footage From a Costco Egg Supplier Shows Hens Crawling Over Dead OnesThe Humane Society went with the term “mummified pancakes.”
  5. Big Chicken
    Perdue Chicken Will Remove ‘Humanely Raised’ From Its Label toThe Humane Society had claimed it “slapped stickers on,” hoping consumers “won’t know the difference.”
  6. A Pizza Hut Horrified Animal Lovers With Free Pets for People Who Bought PizzasThe offending store concedes it was probably a “bad idea.”
  7. Foiemaggedon
    French Foie Gras Spokesperson: ‘Maybe We Did Go a Little Too Far’“Of course gavage is not very romantic and so we avoided talking about it. But now we are trying to explain it more and more.”
  8. Beef
    Farmer John Under Attack!Animal rights activists are descending on the pork purveyor’s South L.A. plant to protest the slaughter and make a bunch of Holocaust parallels.
  9. Beef
    L.A. County Fair Feeling The Pinch Over A Game Called ‘Lobster Zone’The game involves picking up lobsters with a metal claw and the S.P.C.A. is not into it.
  10. Animal Rights
    ’Tis the Season for the Funky-Colored Chicks ControversyDrama is hatched.
  11. Animal Rights
    British Writer Goes Bear Hunting in New JerseyGrizzly is an understatement.
  12. Porking
    Smithfield Foods Says Gestation Crates Are Kinda Dead to ThemLet’s see if it sticks.
  13. Beef
    Buey to Go, Pink Taco, Now You’ve Got a Boycott On Your Hands!You jackasses, it’s the customers who are supposed to be regretting Cinco de Mayo, not the restaurant!
  14. Video Feed
    What It Feels Like to Walk the Animal Rights Gauntlet at ProvidenceA POV look at entering the restaurant amid the chants of protesters.
  15. Beef
    Providence To Be Targeted By Animal Protection & Rescue League TonightThe protesters are angry over a foie-stuffed duck dish at Michael Cimarusti’s Bocuse d’Or fundraiser.