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  1. closings
    Pok Pok Ny Will Close for GoodThe popular Brooklyn Thai spot will shutter on September 2.
  2. Tipping
    How a Raised Minimum Wage Affects RestaurantsThe Pok Pok chef says new state regulations have the power to change the entire restaurant landscape.
  3. Plan Ahead
    Pok Pok Ny Is Finally Accepting ReservationsFor parties of all sizes.
  4. Reopenings
    First Look at Pok Pok Phat Thai’s New Brooklyn HomePlus: new menu items.
  5. Expansions
    Andy Ricker Will Open 2 New Pok Poks in Los Angeles“I have been spending a lot of time in Chinatown lately and am very taken with the vibe down there,” he says.
  6. Try Again
    The Very Delicate, Incredibly Tricky Art of the Restaurant Redo“Holy shit, all my eggs are in this basket.”
  7. Video Feed
    Watch Farang, the Excellent Munchies Documentary on Pok Pok’s Andy RickerIt’s now on YouTube.
  8. The Most Important Meal
    Pok Pok Ny Begins Breakfast Service TodayExpect Stumptown coffee, grab-and-go food, and the full drink menu.
  9. Awards
    2014 IACP Awards Winners Include Mast Brothers, Andy Ricker, Suzanne GoinThe annual awards celebrate achievements in photography, blogging, culinary videos, books, and more.
  10. Planned Service Changes
    DOH-Shuttered Pok Pok Ny Reopens [Updated]Andy Ricker says he’s just waiting to be re-inspected.
  11. Awards
    2014 IACP Awards Finalists Include Dana Cowin, Alton Brown, Ivan OrkinThe awards take place Sunday, March 15, in Chicago.
  12. Planned Service Changes
    Pok Pok Begins All-Day Weekend Service TomorrowThe forecast calls for snow and khao soi.
  13. Video Feed
    Watch the Trailer for Farang, a ‘Full-on’ Andy RickerVice will release the full feature in early 2014.
  14. Haan Pha Lo
    Pok Pok Ny Debuts Large-Format Goose Dinner TonightAndy Ricker’s goose is cooked.
  15. Planned Service Changes
    Pok Pok Ny Now Offering TakeoutYou can now get your curry in a hurry, and so on.
  16. Opening Again
    First Look at Pok Pok Ny’s New Space, Now Open Down the Street“Overall, we’ll be able to crank the food out faster,” says Ricker.
  17. Planned Service Changes
    Pok Pok Ny Is About to Reopen in Its New DigsRicker promises a “very robust AC and heating system,” among other things.
  18. Laap It Up
    Pok Pok Offers Ingredient Bundle to Solve Your Thai-Cooking ProblemsAfter all, there’s laap to be made.
  19. How Long?
    Pok Pok Ny Adds Convenient Wait-Time CameraKnow before you go, and all that.
  20. The Grub Street Diet
    Pok Pok’s Andy Ricker Dines on Ramen, Merguez, and Multiple Pigeons“I drank too much the night before and I felt like troglodytes were jackhammering my eyeballs from the inside.”
  21. Quote of the Day
    For Andy Ricker, Everything Started With BiscuitsHe moved on to Chiang Mai curries from there.
  22. Openings
    Andy Ricker’s Whiskey Soda Lounge Is Open for BusinessThe bar and lounge — located just up the street from Pok Pok NY — specializes in cocktails and small plates.
  23. Monks In Bars
    Andy Ricker’s Whiskey Soda Lounge Officially Opening Next MonthLook for the Pok Pok companion bar to open sometime next month.
  24. Brooklyn
    Jeffrey Steingarten Braves Brooklyn’s Restaurant Scene for VogueWilliamsburg, so much to answer for.
  25. Relocations
    Pok Pok Ny Will Move Into New, Larger SpaceAndy Ricker says the bigger kitchen at the relocated Pok Pok Ny will allow the restaurant to serve a larger menu.
  26. Staffing Issues
    Talent Shortage: Why New York’s Chefs Can’t Find Enough Good CooksThere’s never been a better time to eat in New York — too bad the explosion of restaurants has made it harder than ever for chefs to staff their kitchens.
  27. Thai-Spicy
    Andy Ricker of Pok Pok on the Truth About Thai ChilisBee larvae, yes. No on the edible silkworms.
  28. They’re Topps
    Here’s a Look at GoogaMooga’s Chef-Themed Trading CardsSo who gets to be Chewbacca?
  29. Supermarket Sweeps
    Here’s How Andy Ricker Goes ShoppingIt’s a pretty good reference guide.
  30. Quote of the Day
    Andy Ricker Still Waiting for You to Show Up for Your InterviewGood cooks are hard to find, especially on Columbia Street.
  31. Guest Stars
    Pok Pok Celebrating Songkran at Night + MarketA very small number of tickets are being given to the public.
  32. Leftovers
    The Harrison’s New Menu; Pok Pok’s ContestPlus: a wine dinner at Blaue Gans, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  33. Hell Yeah Saa Neua
    Andy Ricker Probably Not Putting Blood, Bile, and Beef Salad on the Pok Pok MenuBlood salad is not for everybody.
  34. Oodles Of Noodles
    Andy Ricker Planning All-Noodles-All-the-Time RestaurantThai breakfast makes the Pok Pok menu for the first time.
  35. Openings
    Andy Ricker Is Opening Whiskey Soda Lounge in BrooklynMore Thai on Columbia Street.
  36. Quote of the Day
    Andy Ricker’s Septic System Is Fine, Thank YouThe chef likes to hit the ground running.
  37. Leftovers
    Celebrate Cider Week NY; Marcus Samuelsson’s Harlem ItineraryPlus: Pinterest food-lovers stay sharp, and more in today’s leftovers.
  38. Empire Building
    All In: Why Do Successful Chefs Risk Their Reputations to Hit It Big in NewIt isn’t about the glory, it’s about the chance to make money all over the country.
  39. Summits
    StarChefs to Feature 24 Food Carts, Two Pop-up RestaurantsAnd a whole lot of other stuff.
  40. Switcheroos
    Pok Pok Wing Will Become Pok Pok Phat ThaiWing-less, but still in flight.
  41. On the Waterfront
    Andy Ricker Looking to Open a Bar Near Pok Pok NySomewhere to while away those hour-plus waits.
  42. Rickerville
    Andy Ricker’s Happy Places Include Economy Candy and Some DeliHe’s acclimated well.
  43. Summits
    StarChefs 2012 Chef’s Congress Will Feature Ricker, Falkner,The event draws chefs from around the world.
  44. Cheap Eats
    The Year of Asian Hipster CuisineAmerican cooks who found their calling through passion, not ancestry.
  45. Paying With Plastic
    Pok Pok NY Bans Prepaid Debit Cards; Companies Say Restaurants Have Nothing toAndy Ricker says not accepting prepaid debit amounts to “just protecting our service staff.” Visa and American Express say the fears are unfounded.
  46. The Grub Street Diet
    Food Writer JJ Goode Drinks Iced Coffee Year-round, Likes Wine That Tastes Like“I know nothing about wine except that I love red wine that smells like manure and white wine that smells plastic-y, like a freshly opened Ninja Turtle action figure.”
  47. Exciting
    Andy Ricker Planning Outdoor Lunch Service for Pok Pok NySimple stuff like rotisserie game hen, khao soi, and papaya salad — dishes that won’t require disturbing the kitchen as it preps for dinner.
  48. Openings
    What to Eat at Pok Pok Ny, Opening WednesdaySee photos and the menu.
  49. News Wire
    Pok Pok Wing Takes FlightAfter some uncertainty, Andy Ricker’s takeout shop spread its wings last night.
  50. Openings
    Andy Ricker Rising: Pok Pok Ny Signage Up, Pok Pok Wing Opening Any Second NowAnd the chef’s got a whole Thai-cooking series over at ‘Bon Appétit.’
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