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Andrew Meieran

  1. Leftovers
    Test Kitchen Previews Bestia in Downtown; Mozza Extends Salumi Night to FourOri Menashe’s menu includes whole suckling pig and burnt flour casarecce.
  2. Trimmings
    Clifton’s Cafeteria Gets Its Old Face BackThe unveiling unfortunately revealed concrete blocks obscuring many of the facade’s original windows.
  3. Trimmings
    Clifton’s Original Facade Revealed TomorrowThe art deco decor hasn’t been glimpsed since the fifties.
  4. Trimmings
    Clifton’s Cafeteria: Now With Real Butter?Andrew Meieran is teaching the time-honored landmark how to cook with real food and natural product again.
  5. Mediavore
    The ‘Red Violin’ Surfaces at FIG; Dan Akroyd Will Bartend at Beverly WIlshireElizabeth Pitcairn played a tricky violin concerto by Samuel Butler for a small audience at The Fairmont, while the living Blues Brother slings drinks at BLVD Lounge.
  6. Empire Building
    The Edison Plans a New York OutpostOwner Andrew Meieran will again inhabit a historic building to house the cutting-edge of cocktail culture.