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Andrew Feinberg

  1. Changes
    Franny’s Owners Will Sell Their Brooklyn Bar and Grill, Rose’sThe buyers, however, are the current managers — and they plan to keep things more or less the same.
  2. Closings
    Franny’s Offshoot Marco’s Will Close Next MonthThe restaurant simply didn’t make enough money.
  3. Restaurant Review
    Platt: Franny’s Chefs Get Even More Rustico at Marco’sThey’ve expanded, but Brooklyn-style.
  4. Planned Service Changes
    Marco’s in Prospect Heights Now Accepts ReservationsNo more waiting for a table.
  5. Fall Preview 2013
    Marco’s, Opening Next Month, Is Franny’s, All Grown UpIt’s taking over the original Franny’s space.
  6. Spring Preview 2013
    Franny’s Goes Large-Format: New Location Will Nearly Double SeatingPizza freaks, brace yourselves.
  7. Temporary Closings
    Only 13 More Days Remain at the Original Franny’s in BrooklynFranny’s 2.0 may be open as soon as April 8.
  8. Closing Soon
    Here’s the Cover For the Franny’s Cookbook, Plus a Vital UpdateYou only have a few weeks left to get to the Flatbush Avenue original.
  9. Bad Decisions
    Franny’s Was Supposed to Be in Egremont, Massachusetts — Until theSo says a new digital food magazine.
  10. Lists
    Local Talent Gets Love From Bourdain, But Not From World’s Great ChefsBourdain picks thirteen places to visit before you die, and ten superstar chefs pick 100 emerging stars.
  11. Openings
    Franny’s Owners Expand Into Brooklyn LarderFrancine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg are planning a gourmet shop for spring.
  12. Mediavore
    Car Plows Into Hop Kee; Neroni Keeps SpinningA car plows into the venerable Hop Kee restaurant in Chinatown. The restaurant is damaged, and one person is hurt. [Downtown Express] Izakaya invasion! The city now boasts everything from simple sake joints with food to full-blown small-plate restaurants. [NYDN] The official Times take on the Neroni Affair includes this classic quote, in defense of the Desperate Chef: “If Marco didn’t want anyone signing checks, including Jason, he should have put the checkbook in the safe.” [NYT]
  13. In the Magazine
    Kobe Club Gets the Bagel, and Foie Gras Foes’ Last StandThis week’s issue of New York is crammed with food news, including an Adam Platt slam, a Gael Greene discovery, and a very odd story about people who hate foie gras. • Foie Gras foes, rebuffed in their efforts to get the delicacy banned in New York, converge on Fairway, much to the store’s delight. [Intelligencer] • Adam Platt hands Jeffrey Chodorow’s new Kobe Club a bagel, faulting the restaurant as “less like a steakhouse than a bizarre agglomeration of restaurant fashions and trends, most of them bad.” And that was one of the nicer things he had to say. [Food]