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  1. vaccinations
    Restaurant Workers Should Be Allowed to Get the Vaccine ImmediatelyIt’s cruel to reopen indoor dining otherwise.
  2. coronavirus
    New York Will Impose a 10 p.m. Curfew on Bars and RestaurantsCurbside takeout, without alcohol, can continue later.
  3. coronavirus
    Cuomo Is Threatening to Roll Back Bar and Restaurant Openings“The bad restaurant and bar owners are going to make it worse for the good ones.”
  4. reopening
    This Is Not the Time to Reopen New York’s BarsIt would be a disaster.
  5. reopening
    Governor Cuomo Says Outdoor Dining Could Start Next Week in NYCBut Bill de Blasio has other ideas.
  6. reopening
    Will NYC’s Reopening Be Reversed?Governor Andrew Cuomo warned it could be in response to scenes of carefree New Yorkers drinking outside.
  7. coronavirus
    Here’s How Delivery and Takeout Alcohol Sales Will WorkThe New York State Liquor Authority is temporarily allowing bars and restaurants to add alcohol to their takeout and delivery menus.
  8. legislation
    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Has Vetoed the E-Bike BillIt’s a serious blow for the delivery workers who rely on them.
  9. sausage time
    Andrew Cuomo Claims That He Is a ‘Sausage Aficionado’He returned to the New York State Fair for his annual tube meat.
  10. news you can booze
    Cuomo Says New York Movie Theaters Should Sell Beer and WineThe same man who brought you boozy brunch before noon.
  11. Cuomo Administration Will Build a $20 Million Greenmarket in the BronxThe 125,000-square-foot facility will connect upstate farmers with city shoppers.
  12. New You Can Booze
    It’s Official: New York Will Let Sunday Brunchers Booze Before NoonAlbany has agreed to push first call up to 10 a.m.
  13. News You Can Booze
    Super-Chill Governor Cuomo Wants to Let Brunchers Drink Before NoonHe calls the current rules “the most bizarre, arcane, frustrating, maddening law that you could imagine.”
  14. Wage Fights
    Farmers Say $15 Wage Would ‘Decimate’ ProfitsSome are already swapping veggies for grains, which require less work.
  15. Surcharges
    Restaurants Are Adding ‘Cuomo Taxes’ to Protest New York’sReally, a $27.99 tax on two eggs and some toast?
  16. Minimum Wage
    Restaurant Association Want Wages Frozen For 5 YearsThe group argues this week’s $2.50 tipped-wage bump is “hardship” enough.
  17. Minimum Wage
    Bizarre Times Square Ads Protest Cuomo’s $15 Fast-Food WageApparently the plan will empower people with “no experience or skills.”
  18. Wage Concerns
    New Report Says a $15 Minimum Wage Would Raise NYC Food Workers’ Pay byCity Comptroller Scott Stringer finds the average weekly pay increase would be $139 per person.
  19. Minimum Wage
    Gloria Steinem Calls for Higher Wages for Fast-Food WorkersShe’s pushing for $15 an hour — up from $8.75.
  20. Minimum Wage
    Governor Cuomo Calls for Higher Wages for Fast-Food Workers“Nowhere is the income gap more extreme and obnoxious than in the fast-food industry.”
  21. Kale the Friendly Skies
    Pop-up Greenmarket Coming to JFKPlease be sure you have all your produce before boarding.
  22. Fin
    New York State Legislature Approves Ban on Sale of Shark FinsGovernor Cuomo just needs to sign off now.
  23. Booze News
    Governor Cuomo, Local-Booze PusherHe wants to see more New York State wine, beer, cider, and hooch.
  24. Fussy Eater
    Andrew Cuomo Elects Another Stuffing Recipe for Next YearHe wants mommy’s recipe.
  25. Mediavore
    The Need For Food Pantries Expands; Canned Foods May Be Sources For BPAPlus: Sandra Lee won’t talk about hunger-fighting funds in her boyfriend’s budget for NY; and cloned-pig sausage is still a go in Europe, all in our morning news roundup.
  26. Not Kosher
    New York State Kosher-Enforcement Division Wiped CleanOpponents of the cuts fear kosher-labeling fraud will increase without inspections.
  27. Quote of the Day
    She’s Getting a Little Sick of Hearing About This Guy, Okay?Say what you will about Sandra Lee: She knows how to stay on topic.
  28. Mediavore
    McDonald’s Eyes Beverage Market; Gourmet Readers DisappearPlus: another lawsuit for Gordon Ramsay, and Sandra Lee prepares for first lady possibilities, all in our morning news roundup.
  29. Mediavore
    Rizzo Mural Building Changes Hands; McDonald’s Eyes Cold BeveragesPlus: Gourmet readers disappear, and another lawsuit for Gordon Ramsay, all in our morning news roundup.
  30. Mediavore
    Harvard Club Closed Until Graduation; McDonald’s Eyes Cold BeveragesPlus: Gourmet readers disappear, and another lawsuit for Gordon Ramsay, all in our morning news roundup.
  31. Beef
    Bourdain Has ‘Terrifying and Traumatic’ Encounter With Sandra LeeA report from last night’s ‘Julie & Julia’ screening.
  32. Mediavore
    Dovetail’s Food Editor–Hostess Tells Her Tale; Dessert Truck vs. TreatsThe Food & Wine editor–cum–hostess at Dovetail had a hard time learning the ropes of the job at first, but by the end she learned that star ratings from critics matter, and there’s more to being a hostess than checking coats. [TONY] Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed a suit against Tonic East for “a pattern or practice of denying African-Americans from admittance into its club.” [Down by the Hipster] Unbeknownst to us, rapper Coolio has a cooking show on the Web called, succinctly, Cookin’ With Coolio, but he might not be the most adventurous kitchen personality we’ve ever seen: “I don’t like pork, I don’t eat pork, and I don’t cook pork.” [Serious Eats]