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  1. Contests
    We’re Giving Away Tickets To A Private Tequila Tasting and VIP Tour at AngelsBartender Joel Black is leading a mixology demo while winners cruise the stadium.
  2. The Other Critics
    Gold Canuckles Under Littlefork’s Poutine; Rodell Revels in Highbrow, ‘Slutty’In Anaheim, Brad. A Johnson falls in love with The Ranch.
  3. Blehtacular
    Slater’s 50/50 Puts Two Glazed Doughnuts Around Its Bacon PattiesThe burger is only offered over breakfast until the end of the year.
  4. Lawsuits
    Former Disney Café Hostess Sues Over Alleged Discrimination24-year-old Imane Boudlal claims she was called “camel” and “terrorist” by her peers and managers failed to address her complaints.
  5. Empire Building
    Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles Coming to AnaheimThe new restaurant plans a Southern plantation theme, which doesn’t sound like the greatest idea.
  6. Burger Time
    The Short Saga Behind Umami’s New ‘Road to London’ BurgerThe latest special stems from an incident when the U.S. Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team came in and were denied their favorite ingredient.
  7. Disneyland Dining
    Downtown Disney Sippin’ on Uva, Re-Open by Patina on June 7The menu at this Spanish-style bar already sounds better than Disney’s creepy $25,000 members-only supper club.
  8. Mediavore
    Chicken Bacteria Could Boost Urinary Tracht Infections; Jessica Simpson NearlyAnd the strains could be increasingly drug-resistant.
  9. Mediavore
    Anaheim Attacked by Fruit Flies; Smithfield Farms Gets Less EvilPaula Deen should be happy her favorite farm is more eco-friendly this year.
  10. Openings
    Umami Scouts Locations at Anaheim’s Massive New Dining DestinationBut first, prepare for the reanimation of Anaheim Brewery.
  11. Mediavore
    Drinkers Outlive Teetotalers; LudoBites Doubles Down For Last NightA new study finds moderate and heavy drinkers might have a longer lifespan than those who abstain.
  12. Truckin’
    Where The Food Trucks Are Fleeing TomorrowOver 50 freewheelin’ chefs are headed to Anaheim tomorrow, while Kogi will make its debut in Santa Barbara.
  13. Endangered
    ESPN Zone Will Stay Alive at L.A. LiveDespite closures across the country, Downtown L.A.’s location will remain.
  14. Neighborhood Watch
    L.A.P.D. Targets Tailgaters in Elysian Park; Clockwork Orange Cocktails DebutPolice make clear that beer belongs in Dodger Stadium and Drago Centro unleashes a new cocktail list.
  15. Mediavore
    Seinfeld Sued for Slandering Cookbook Author; Jamie Oliver Mulls Baby NamesA sitcom star could land in court for upsetting a toque and a celebrity chef may be over-thinking his child’s name.