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An Education

  1. Foodievents
    Truck Launches Series of Beer and Booze Classes, New Food Pop-UpsThere’s a whiskey class and a new food pop-up this Thursday.
  2. An Education
    Take a Home Ec Class Before the Holidays, Why Don’t YouIt’s a three-part series of classes covering the fundamentals: acid, salt, fat, and heat.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    Spreading the Puerto Rican Love; Yoshi’s 40th Year a Rocky One; and More
  4. An Education
    San Francisco Cooking School to Launch First Semester in JanuaryThe classes will be limited to only fourteen students, and Daniel Patterson has signed on as a dean.
  5. FYI
    Corey Lee to Speak on Food and Science Today at UCSFThe Benu chef will be discussing the increasingly parallel technologies of cooking and bioscience.
  6. An Education
    Become the Next June Taylor at the Food Craft Institute, Starting Next MonthThe Food Craft Institute is taking applicants!
  7. An Education
    Stanford Offers Course in the ‘Language of Food’ in Which HomeworkWell, it’s more like it teaches them how to be super analytical and academic about food journalism in general.
  8. An Education
    Thomas McNaughton Teaches Grade Schoolers to Make Pig’s Brain LasagnaThe ‘Times’ highlights two summer day camps teaching Bay Area kids to cook.
  9. An Education
    From Tibs to Wat: A Handy Ethiopian Food Glossary
  10. An Education
    Learn How to Make Jam Like Chez PimPim is teaching classes this summer at Love Apple Farms in Santa Cruz.
  11. Crime Scenes
    Local Culinary School Exposed as Total ScamThe Academie de Cuisine has been bilking Chinese immigrants for the better part of a year.
  12. Announcements
    Thomas Keller Joins the Board of the CIAThe only American-born chef with multiple Michelin three-star ratings has deigned to let his name be on some letterhead.
  13. Video Feed
    Ferran Adrià Kicks Off Harvard Seminar, Calls New Culinary CenterAndres translates as Adria discusses plans for his culinary think tank in San Sebastian.
  14. An Education
    Harvard Business School Turns to Noah TepperbergThe Marquee founder will discuss “the business of nightlife” to MBA students.
  15. An Education
    FCI Teaches Students Crucial Blogging SkillsThree culinary students blog about their adventures on their school’s behalf.
  16. Video Feed
    Jamie Oliver Quizzes Kids on Vegetables They Won’t EatThe “naked” chef teaches a classroom of six-year-olds what an eggplant looks like.
  17. An Education
    Café Rouge Hosts Animal-Specific Butchery Classes
  18. An Education
    Sommeliers and Mixologists, Enroll Now!The CIA will offer a wine and beverage certificate program in September.
  19. An Education
    Go to Culinary School With Ferran AdriàA new school in the Basque region of Spain will formally teach molecular gastronomic techniques.