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  1. Amazon’s Refusal to Pull Breitbart Ads Is Causing People to Boycott Whole FoodsAngry shoppers have decided to punish the grocery chain.
  2. grocery wars
    Amazon Prime Will Be Whole Foods’ Rewards ProgramYour $99 membership will grant you “special savings and other in-store benefits.”
  3. food waste
    Amazon’s Alexa Now Gives Tips on How Not to Waste FoodShe’s got tips for storing asparagus and knowing when avocados go bad.
  4. meal kits
    Amazon Is Already Selling Meal KitsThey’ve been out in the wild since at least late June.
  5. empire building
    Amazon Already Registered a Trademark for a Meal-Kit ServiceIt wants to use the chipper motto, “We do the prep. You be the chef.”
  6. mergers
    Here Are the People Who Could Stop the Whole Foods–Amazon DealShareholders have a class-action lawsuit, and a congressman wants to hold a hearing.
  7. the chain gang
    Olive Garden’s Parent Company Warns It’s Testing Amazon Deliveries, TooWho’s strong enough to resist two-hour Prime breadsticks?
  8. grocery wars
    Amazon Will Likely Cut Warehouse Jobs First at Whole FoodsThousands of robots will take over.
  9. grocery stores
    How Amazon Can Help Whole Foods Fix ItselfThe tech giant has the chance to help the grocery chain get back to its original mission, while still keeping an eye on the future.
  10. love stories
    Whole Foods Doesn’t Have a ‘Tinder Relationship’ With Amazon, Its CEO ClarifiesJohn Mackey is quite infatuated with his new boss.
  11. grocery wars
    Alice Waters to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: You Can ‘Change Our Food System Overnight’She has something to say about the online retailer’s purchase of Whole Foods.
  12. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Reportedly Planning to Cut Jobs at Whole FoodsInsiders say Bezos is looking into “using technology to eliminate cashiers.”
  13. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Buying Whole FoodsThe online giant is going all in on IRL groceries.
  14. going bananas
    Amazon Disrupted Seattle’s Fruit Economy by Giving Out Millions of Free BananasIt’s apparently hard to even find bananas at nearby grocery stores anymore.
  15. grocery wars
    Investors Want Whole Foods to Sell the Company to Amazon or KrogerWhole Foods’ nose-diving stock has lost almost half its value since 2013.
  16. grocery wars
    How Amazon Plans to Become America’s Go-to Grocery StoreThe online retailer has been busy plotting its assault on brick-and-mortar retail.
  17. the future
    Amazon Reportedly Wants Robots to Run SupermarketsThe stores supposedly only need three human workers.
  18. horrible products
    Walmart Yanks ‘Got Retard?’ Coffee Mugs From Its WebsiteIt also decided shoppers can do without a “Got Hitler?” option.
  19. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Launching Convenience StoresActual physical stores where customers can buy groceries.
  20. one-click planet
    Amazon’s New Cooking Show Lets Viewers Order the Food DirectlyBut it’s only in Japan, for now.
  21. Grocery Wars
    Amazon Will Launch Its Own Private-Label FoodsThe brands could become available for Prime subscribers by the end of this month.
  22. Delivery
    Amazon Will Launch a Meal-Kit Delivery ServiceThe retail giant has partnered with Tyson Foods.
  23. News You Can Booze
    Amazon Is Testing Out One-Hour Booze DeliveryIt’s only available to Prime members in Seattle, for now.
  24. Delivery
    Amazon Now Offers One-Hour Grocery Delivery From D’Agostino and MoreIt will add Eataly and other local markets in the coming months.
  25. Delivery
    Amazon Slyly Launched Its GrubHub Competitor Last Weekend100 restaurants in Seattle have signed on.
  26. Gavage
    French Government Unhappy With Amazon U.K.’s Ban on Foie GrasBecause animal cruelty is “very un-British.”
  27. Leftovers
    Amazon Launches Grocery Delivery in Los Angeles; Gotham’s GreenmarketPlus: The Summer of Riesling event series, in today’s Leftovers.
  28. Mediavore
    Plastic Bag Ban Gets Approved in Santa Monica; Which Coffee Not to DrinkStarting September, the restriction goes into effect, while six widely sold caffeinated beverages are seriously bad for your health.
  29. Mediavore
    Flyers Fans Can Now Drink Beer Nine Times Faster; With Groceries Amazon Takes aPlus: Road salt has a harmful impact on fish and aquatic life when it enters waterways, and food inflation is a huge item on the agenda at the World Economic Forum, all in our morning news roundup.
  30. Mediavore
    Aziza Chef Goes National; Butchery Now Trendy