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Alta Calidad

  1. report
    The City Gets Set to Dig Up a Booming Restaurant Row — Literally“We need running water to operate, right?”
  2. pivots
    Can Subscription Services Transcend Takeout and Save Restaurants?Summerlong Supper Club and Table22 aim to turn brand loyalty into reliable revenue streams.
  3. cooking
    Where to Find a Mind-blowing Bone Marrow–and–Burrata RotiAt Alta Calidad, chef Akhtar Nawab combines Indian, Mexican, and European influence into one spectacular roti.
  4. openings
    This New Brooklyn Taqueria Serves Fried Shrimp and Salsa-Negra TacosThere’s also pumpkin-blossom quesadillas and a whole bass with guajillo salsa on the menu at Alta Calidad.