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Alt Right

  1. the chain gang
    Papa John’s Forced to Deny It Makes the ‘Official Pizza’ of the Alt-RightA neo-Nazi website gave the chain props for bashing the NFL protests.
  2. he did nazi that coming
    Florida Bar Offers to Trade Beer for Unused Tickets to Richard Spencer’s SpeechNaturally, his supporters responded with death threats.
  3. harassment
    Nightclub Recieves Threats After Refusing to Host Alt-Right Inauguration PartyThe venue turned them away after finding out the nature of the party.
  4. crowdfunding
    Comet Ping Pong’s Owners Have Started a GoFundMe to Pay for Restaurant SecurityThey’re asking for $28,000.
  5. insane
    D.C. Pizzeria at Center of Fake Pizzagate Conspiracy Will Reopen TomorrowComet Ping Pong is the focal point of a fake, and now dangerous, conspiracy theory.
  6. world’s worst customers
    After Hosting White Nationalists, Maggiano’s Will Donate $10K to the ADL“We want to sincerely apologize to the community of Friendship Heights …”
  7. seriously?
    Fake Child-Trafficking News Story Leads to Death Threats at Innocent PizzeriaPizza is the only thing for sale at Comet in D.C.